Goddess Saraswati Symbolizes Knowledge And Prowess

Devi Saraswati refers to the Hindu Goddess of music, knowledge and creativity. She is the repository of the creative intelligence of Brahma. She is also called Vak Devi, known as the Goddess of Speech. As per the Hindu traditions, all types of art begin with the Goddess. Her mount is represented as a swan.


Worshipping the Goddess

The blessings of Mother Saraswati are vital for the learning of any person. The goddess is worshipped daily in households as part of the regular puja schedule. Apart from that, she is also worshipped on the special day of Maagh Panchami, when the Puja is celebrated with great fanfare. She has a mention in the Vedic and Puranic texts.


Benefits And Beliefs And Of Worship

She is white colored and wears radiant white garments. This symbolizes her sattvic nature. She is seen to hold a Vina that symbolizes the harmony of life. On the other hand, she holds a lotus that symbolizes brightness. She is a source of strength for young students and for all those who seek to learn new things in life. People worship her to follow the path of truth.

In fact, praying to Mother Saraswati is very important for every child. Saraswati is not only popular in Hindu religion, but also in Jain and Buddhist mythology. It is believed that worshipping the Goddess is one of the best ways of enhancing knowledge and creativity in every child.

Festivals Of The Devi

Saraswati Puja is celebrated with great pomp and splendor on maagh Panchami. This is the fifth day of the lunar month of Maagh. The date usually falls in January or February. A grand puja is conducted and varieties of offerings are made.

Places Of Worship

Devi Saraswati is worshipped across India. Students of various age groups, musicians and artists and other knowledge seekers worship the Goddess. Though the goddess is worshipped daily, yet she is specially celebrated in early spring. However, it is important to note that there are some different manifestations of the Goddess in different parts of India. Apart from India, she is also worshipped in Nepal, Japan, Indonesia and Myanmar.