Saraswati Homam Is Ideal For Enhancing Learning Abilities And Bettering Concentration
About homam

Havan or Homam is a Sanskrit term which essentially means performing of rituals. Here, you have to make offerings to the sacred fire. During the Vedic era, Rishis performed homam or yajna, and it continues to be an important Hindu religious practice. People conduct havan for numerous reasons. Prime aim of these rituals is to bring peace, prosperity, success and for bettering education. For obtaining optimal results in your edifying endeavors, you can conduct Saraswati Homam. It will surely bring you beneficial marks and grades in studies. With this yajna, obtaining success and proficiency in dance, music and arts will be a trouble-free process.

Significance of Saraswati Puja

Goddess Saraswati is renowned as the Goddess of Learning. Disciples believe that Saraswati is the symbol of superior Vedantic knowledge and intelligence. Being the consort of Lord Brahma, Deity Gayathri is the personification of arts, craft, and science. She is the embodiment of Shakti, inspiration and creativity. Saraswati is also known as Lord Brahma’s consort and is notable as Vagdevi or ruler of speech. Before starting an educational or business venture, you must acknowledge your Guru along with Saraswati and Ganesha. This salutation is known as Vandana Trayee. Certain Puranas state that she is Lord Shiva’s daughter. According to certain other cults, the Goddess is supposed to be born from the left body portion of Lord Vishnu. Shivaanujaa and Sharada are her other revered names.

Samagri for the homam

For conducting varied rituals, you need an optimal inventory comprising of an elaborate list of ingredients

  1. Turmeric powder, kumkum, sandalwood paste, camphor
  2. Fifteen betel nuts and leaves
  3. Kalash and vastram or cloth for Kalash
  4. Dry coconut, rice, flowers, fruits, kalakanda or sugar candy
  5. Ghee, sesame oil, milk, curd, honey, rosewater, Ganga Jal or holy water
  6. Saffron, elaichi, lavangam
  7. Deepa or oil lamps with wicks
Process of performing this homa

The Sanskrit term ‘sara’ signifies essence and ‘swa’ denotes self. Goddess Saraswati thus essentially symbolizes “essence of the self”. By offering Puja to Devi Saraswati, students will be able to gain better grades in examinations. She represents the stream of knowledge that grows and flows. In case of speech defects like stammering and lisping, taking part in Saraswati Homa can help in alleviating such problems. Priests conduct the Puja by Vedic rituals that will be based on your birth details. The initial process includes Murthi Sthaapna or installation of the idol. Priests establish idols of different Gods and Goddesses that includes Devi Saraswati, Ganesha, Brahma, Kalash and Navagraha.

The prime aim of performing homam is to ensure the fulfillment of Sankalpa or wishes. Priests initially conduct Vigneswara Puja and Kalash Puja. This step is followed by Punyaha Vachana after which worshippers will chant the maha-mantra of Santhana Gopala, Saraswati Sooktam, and Saraswati Namavali. Priests recite these incantations as Parayana after which they perform the Havn or Homa.

Regain lost confidence with homam

For obtaining excellence in career and educational efforts, you must pray to Goddess Saraswati. Everybody worships her for attaining intelligence and enhancing memory power. Those involved in teaching and research field perform homam for attaining accomplishment in their respective endeavors. Havan helps in developing high concentration, communication skills and cures shortcomings like stammering. You can regain your lost confidence with the aid of elaborate yajnas and rituals.

Ideal days for havan

Thursday and Friday are ideal days for organizing Saraswati homam. It helps in nourishing learning abilities in an efficacious manner. Rituals and havan can also be conducted on Guru horas and Panchami tithis. Conducting various customs and rituals will help in accelerating the learning procedures for teachers and apprentices. Saraswati Havan also stimulates thinking abilities and aids in mastering any form of art. It gives you clarity, calm, peace and helps in bettering concentration levels.