Worshiping Shaligram Brings Happiness To Your Home

The story of Shaligram starts with Vrinda, the princess of the demon king Jalandhar. Despite this fact, Vrinda always worships Lord Vishnu with all her heart. The faith she has for him is deep, and she was committed towards him. One day, when the war between Shiva and Jalandhar was going on, Vishnu pretended to be Jalandhar and approach Vrinda to come near him. Vrinda, being an innocent girl, could not understand what the real things are. Vishnu in the attire of Jalandhar was able to take chastity away from Vrinda, and Lord Shiva was able to defeat Jalandhar. After realizing it Vrinda cursed Vishnu to turn into black stone, and she entered into the fire.


How To Worship Shaligram

Vishnu is one of those Gods who is pleased easily. The form of the Vishnu as Shaligram appears to be a black smooth and shapeless stone. As Tulsi Maa is the form of Vrinda, Shaligram is generally placed by the side of Tulsi Plant. Things needed for worshipping the Shaligram is milk, honey, sugar, ghee and curd. You have to light up a “deeya” and tulsi leaves will be required. Shaligram is worshipped daily at home. But those who are non-vegetarian should not worship Shaligram Shila. If you have turned into a vegetarian, you can start the puja.


Benefits of Worshipping the Shaligram

After Vishnu becomes the Shaligram Shila, Lord Shiva said, if anyone worship Shaligram, with all the faith he has, he will become fearless. Some say Shaligram Shila is good for charity, you can see them in charity functions. Worshipping Shaligram shila brings you joy and keeps your family happy and healthy. If you think you are feeling some unnatural presence in your home and you cannot have the visual proof of it, you should establish the Shaligram shila nearby your Tulsi plant.

Beliefs Regarding The Deity

Before worship you have to keep in mind some points. As there is no difference between Vishnu and Shaligram, you should chant the Vishnu Chalisa while worshipping him. You need to make your home free from alcohol, meat and illicit lust before you can worship him. Your home will be safe and you will be happy if you have faith in him.