Shiva Panchakshari Yantra

About The yantra

The Mighty Shiva Yantra, Shiva Panchakshari Yantra

The etymology of the term ‘Yantra’ is found to have its roots in the Sanskrit language. It essentially means ‘a tool’ or ‘an instrument’. In contention, Shiva Panchakshari Yantra is supposed to be the most powerful among all the Shiva Yantras that is assumed to possess the immense strength to eradicate all negativities of the worshipper. You can perform in an attempt to please Lord Shiva to smoothen the path to salvation.

Significance Of Shiva Panchakshari Yantra

The importance of this Yantra is all-pervading. The general conviction is that this is instrumental in bequeathing the worshipper with encompassing success. If you feel to be bogged down by the carriage of complexities of an Earthly life, you can go ahead to carry out Shiva Panchakshari Yantra to pacify your perturbed life regarding various aspects. A sadhaka shields self against all disturbances through the process of uttering Lord’s holy names. You exude and liberate your course with the radiance of spiritual Light in the process of walking the road to renounce worldly pleasures and miseries. Thus the crux can be highlighted as follows:

  • Understand the essence of the Yantra
  • Perceive the power of Lord Shiva
  • Know the significance of elevating soul
  • Feel the urge of repudiation of Earthly bonding
  • Feel eternal bliss

Ways to worship

What lies as fundamental, in discussing the process of worship, is chanting the mantra "Om Namah Shiva". Then it is enumerated, as in, how to place the Yantra in altar as follows:


  • Put the Yantra on an Altar directing North or East such that the center of the Yantra is at your eye-level.
  • Arrange for an ablution of the Yantra with either milk or rose water and subsequently use a clean cloth in wiping the Yantra
  • You would witness the Yantra change color without any depletion of its energy after a specific time frame.
  • Smear the edge of the Yantra and then the middle of it first with sandalwood followed by kumkum.
  • Dedicate the fruits that go into this practice to God.
  • Prior to initiating the puja, place a ghee lamp or a candle and also light incense stick before the Altar.
  • Recite the mantra before the Yantra.


Geometrical Importance

The Sri Shiva Panchakshari Yantra represents a hallowed geometrical pattern, complex in nature, featuring two triangles that interlock each other and a lotus. The vertices of the triangle pointing upward denote enhancement of the cause for which this particular Yantra is meant for, here signifying spiritual elevation of the Yantra, while the downward apices imply negating the ills hovering over the life of the performer. There is also a lotus that signifies peace and prosperity and therefore, this feature of the Yantra tends to take care of your spiritual opulence leading it to ascend to the apogee. The contour acting as the perimeter of the Yantra holds the magical powers within the core of the central structure of the Yantra.

When and Who Should Use It

Any devotee of Lord Shiva can use this Yantra to attract His blessings to have a life free from obstacles and hurdles. It is ideal to perform This Yantra on a Monday as this is Lord Shiva’s day.


Benefits Of yantra

The very name of the Yantra, in the query, suggests that with this Yantra, the devotees of Lord Shiva are armed with His supreme mantra. According to Hindu scriptures, voicing the Yantra, advocates are going through renunciation before the deity’s ultimate stature as the name ‘shiva’ opines holiness and perfection. At its core, the Yantra is a tool to abandon self from all materialistic possessions and perceptions and absolve body, mind, and soul. It is an endeavor to free you from all covetous shackles and consequently, transport to a state of perpetual ecstasy. Benefits of this Yantra are:

  • Facilitate aversion of impending disasters
  • Ease the way of good things to adorn your life
  • Augment to the value addition of life
  • Reconcile specific issues
  • Assume transcendent powers
  • Glide towards propitious perfection
  • Get rid of your heinous karma
  • Craft your way to unite with the Almighty