Shiva Yantra

About The yantra

Increase Your Positivity With The Shiva Yantra

Place the Shiva Yantra in your home and prosper in various spheres of life. Lord Shiva is one of the ruling lords beside Lord Vishnu and Lord brahma. Shri Shiva Yantra acts as a resilient medium to connect with the supreme power that is Lord Shiva. You can get blessings from Lord Shiva by offering puja to this yantra on a regular basis. Your good health, overall prosperity, and long life are assured by placing Shiva Yantra in your home. If your horoscope indicates any accident or accidental death, then Shiva Yantra or Mahamritunjay Yantra will save you just as you start offering a prayer to the yantra. As you start worshipping Maha Mritunjay Yantra, you will be free from all problems and distresses.

Importance of Shiva Yantra

  • This yantra is associated with Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is known for curing ailment of devotees.
  • You can wear the Yantra as a taweez, or can keep it in your home.
  • A person will be free from all worries when the person worships this yantra.
  • Shiva yantra provides devotees with fame, money and very good health.
  • This Yantra removes all negativity from the birth chart.
  • A prosperous, worriless life is assured by this yantra

Ways to worship

This Yantra protects a person from any ailments, severe accidents, and life-threatening misfortunes. Bring Shiva Yantra to your home and avoid such mishaps by following few steps for worshipping the Yantra.


  • Take a shower before touching the yantra.
  • Place the Yantra on the floor facing the East or the North in a clean and sanctified altar.
  • Garland the yantra.
  • Light a candle and incense sticks before the puja.
  • Keep fresh fruits and flowers on the altar.
  • Place an image of Lord Shiva beside the yantra.
  • Chant the beej mantra “Om Nama Shivaya” with a flower in hand and offer your prayer to the deity.
  • Milk and sandalwood paste are a must for this puja and to please Lord, Shiva.
  • You must offer a prayer to the yantra on a regular basis once you establish the Yantra at home or wear around your neck.
  • While praying, you must specify your wish to the yantra to get benefit from the Shiv Yantra.


Geometrical Importance

Different Yantra has diverse shapes, so as Shiva Yantra. This Yantra has triangles surrounded by circles and eight petals, which is also bounded by four doors and in the middle of the yantra a star is present. Triangles symbolize Shakti or the feminine energy, circle represent a rotational movement that is of prime importance for Macrocosmic evolution. Lotus petals symbolize both variety and purity and the exterior that is bounded by four doors represent the magical power of the Yantra and prevent the loss of enchanted force.

When and who should use it

A person is prone to illness and has innumerable fears pertinent to health, accident, and unnatural death can establish the Yantra at home or can wear it around the neck. The yantra will remove all negativity and will make the person free from all worries. After worshipping, the yantra can be kept in your house if the size is big or you can even wear it around your neck if you purchase a Shiva yantra pendant. Monday is the best day for establishing the yantra. Choose an east or north facing room for the placement of yantra and to fetch accurate result from it.


Benefits Of yantra

  • This yantra is very beneficial for those who are prone to illness.
  • Enables people to face difficult situation courageously without fear.
  • It protects mankind from all evils and harms.
  • It saves a person from any accident, mental and physical problems.