Shree Maha Ganapathi Temple

About The Temple

A Perfect Review For Shree Maha Ganapathi Temple, Pazhavangadi:

Situated at the eastern fort of Thiruvananthapuram City, maha ganapathi temple is a perfect place for all Ganesha devotees. As understood from the name itself, this temple is entirely devoted to Sri Mahaganapathy. The person, who built this temple, is likely to be shrouded in mystery. As legend unfolds, the idol of Lord Ganesha was worshipped by a Travancore soldier and later shifted to Trivandrum, in 1795 A.D.

Religious value for you:

Apart from the main deity of Lord Ganesha, there are some other idols, which you are likely to come across on a trip to this temple. Make sure to know the sree maha ganapathi temple timing first. Some of the other idols are of Goddess Parvati, Dharmasasta and even Nagaraha. There are 32 different forms of Lord Bappa, which can be seen sculpted in this temple. These are some of the positive religious aspects, to show and pay tribute to Lord Ganesha in its ultimate form. This temple is not just known for its religious enhancement, but also known for its artistic beauty, which is hard to find somewhere else, across India, and also on global platform.

More about presiding deity:

This temple is mainly the place of worshipping Lord Ganesha. Apart from that, people can even come here to celebrate some other festivals, which are noted for Goddess Durga, Dharmasasta and Nagaraja, as additional bonus points. Moreover, to pay tribute to Lord Ganesh, there are 32 sculpted forms of Bappa Morya, which enhances the beauty of this place, even more than what you can imagine. Here, coconuts are broken as a sign to pay tribute and love to Lord Ganesh.

Detailed description of the idol:

As mentioned earlier, there are 32 forms of Lord Ganesh, which hover around this entire temple, and in 32 different postures. However, the main idol of lord Ganesh here is in seated posture, which is the most common of all, with the right leg, placed in a folded stance posture. Even though, you might find some other idols over here too, but the main area of worship is stated for lord Ganesha, only. These are some of the basic architecture values, which accentuate the beauty of this place.

Other shrines for you:

This temple of sree maha ganapathi temple pazhavangadi is all set to help you with the right values, without making a fuss. This platform is mainly stated for the main idol of Lord Ganesha, and there are other places, which are meant for Goddess Parvati, Dharmasastha and Najaraja, with a touch of religious belief, in every step you take.

Perfect nature of worship:

There is a particular ritual, which is performed here by priests and other devotees, who are willing to pay tribute and show love to Lord Ganesha. The main offering is also stated as Vazhipadu, and it is breaking of coconuts, within the temple’s premises. There are some other offerings, which you are also likely to come across, when the main concern lays with Ganesha worship. These are all associated, keeping Lord Ganesh in the middle of your services. Some of those additional points or offerings, which are hard to miss, are Appam, Ganapathy homam, Modakam and there are more to be added, in this list.

Some festivities for you to follow:

There are different forms of festivals, which you are likely to come across, while your visit to this temple. Always make sure to get in touch with the best ones, if you want to check the real way of celebrating puja, associated with Lord Ganesh. For the first step, people make it a point to celebrate Vinayaka Chaturthi, which can also be stated as Ganesh Chaturthi. Moreover, some of the other major festivals, which are easily available in this segment, are Varad Chaturti, Ganesh Jayanthi and Sankashti Chaturti. These are entirely dedicated to Lord Ganesh.

Apart from these major festivals, there are some other important pujas, which are also performed here. These are associated with other Hindu festivities, like Vijaya Dasami, Thiruvonam, Ayilyam, Thirkkarththika, Sahasra Kalasam, and even Thirvathira and Makara Vilakku. You can even come here to celebrate Maha Shivaratri, Thriveda Laksharcchana, Vishu and Nira Puththari, as some other additional festivals.

Pilgrimage value to attend:

As this place is mainly associated with perfect idols of lord Ganesh and other deities, therefore; it can be considered as the best pilgrimage site that you can possibly think of. People from various corners of the world, make it a point to come here and pay tribute to Lord Ganesha.

How To Reach

Whenever you are planning to visit sree maha ganapathi temple kerala, you have to get in touch with the best way to reach your destination, instantly. The options are plenty and it will not be a difficult task for you to reach out to this place. Always ensure to get the best commutation service, which proves to be great for you.

  • By air: This platform comprises of its own international airport, which can be well connected with some other parts of the globe. This airport is known for producing some direct flights to some other parts of Indian major cities. There are some direct flights from Maldives, Singapore, Middle East cities and Sri Lanka values. After you have reached your airport, you can hire a taxi to reach the temple.
  • By train: In case, you are looking for train service, wait no further and get in touch with Trivandrum Central railway station. This railway service is well linked to some other parts of the areas, and can help people to get direct access to this major city.
  • By bus: Other than airport and railway services, you can even take help of buses to roam in some other parts of cities and even visit the temple of your choice. There are some regular buses, which you are likely to come across, to some nearby cities.


Nearby Attractions

There are so many promising places, which you can easily come across, apart from this temple. When you have visited this area, do not forget to collect some sree maha ganapathi temple photos, which can easily work well with your needs and demands. On the other hand, there are some other tourist attractions spots, which can win over millions of hearts, and must to be added, in your hotspot listing.

  • Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple: This temple is considered to be the key icon, when you plan to visit this city. It is also considered to be one of the oldest examples of temples, located in India, and solely dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are more than 1000 stories, which back up the history of this temple. The structure of this temple is really important for you.
  • The Kerala Government Secretariat: Defined as another important recognizable icon of this place, this monument was built previously as Huzur Kacheri, in the year 1860. This place used to serve as royal platform for the Travancore kingdom, and with a super imposing structure for you to deal with. This is a place, where you can understand the values of rich royal class etiquette and values.
  • The Napier Museum: Also defined as art gallery, this platform is considered to be a beautiful building with some historical artifacts and importance. This masterpiece was practically designed by Robert Chisholm, and you can easily go through the famous Indo Saracenic style as the major point of focus. You can even check out the services of historical artifacts and wooden carvings and with some Buddhist statues, as some of the additional products, to be seen around here.

Other than the points, which are mentioned above, you can even try and look for the other center of attractions. Some of those are Keralan Museum, Sree Chithra Art Gallery.

History Of Temple

Historical elements for you to notice:

Whenever you are planning to look for sree maha ganapathi temple history, please be very specific to know more about the legend, which holds the temple together with its cultural and historical values. As per the history unfolds, it has been found out that the original idol of Lord Ganesha in this temple was previously maintained by The Nair Brigade and the first place of its installation was in Padmanabhapuram. Later, when this Brigade shifted to Thiruvananthapuram, they thought of installing the idol over there, and what is also stated to be its current location.

After the Travancore army got through integration with the Indian forces, the temple was maintained by none other than Indian Army, and they are taking care of this religious shrine, still now. There are various forms of offerings, which you might have come across, taking place in this temple. Among all these religious rituals, breaking of coconut is considered to be the main ritual, to be performed on a daily basis. To please Lord Ganesha, there are various festivals, which are likely to take place, the same year.

There is a particular dress code, which people of both the genders need to follow, while entering this temple. Just like any other Kerala temples, Men are supposed to wear Mundu and without any form of upper clothing. On the other hand, for ladies, traditional Indian dresses like Churidar, Saree, Pavadai or even Salwar Kameez, are considered to be fine apparels, to wear. A visit to this temple is enough to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul, too.