Shree Navgraha Maha Yantra

About The yantra

Shree Navgraha Maha Yantra Helps In Changing The Movement Of Planets For Good Results

Enriched with beeja mantra, shree navgraha maha yantra is a preferred combination of all the nine planets known and allocated within the nine squares. Each square comes handy with talisman, which solely represents one of the said nine planets. The primary aim of this yantra is to release some malefic and adverse effects related to nine planets.

Importance of shree navgraha maha yantra

The primary aim of shree navgraha maha yantra is to negate the present malefic effects, as related to nine planets. It is also one proven and important yantras of all time, which helps in bestowing the beneficial aspects of your leading planet.

  • Each of the nail squares comprises of a talisman, which helps in representing a single planet
  • By worshipping this yantra, you will be able to strengthen the benevolent planets, to increase the present positive influences
  • This yantra helps in pacifying the malefic planets and also help in neutralizing the available negative effects
  • It helps in strengthening your planetary roots and help in increasing the positive influences.

Ways to worship

It is an undeniable fact that no matter how hard you try, you need to be rest assured to worship this navgraha yantra from the purest form of your heart. There are some important steps, need to be followed, while worshipping shree navgraha maha yantra:

  • For the first step, you need to place the yantra on top of a sacred altar
  • After the regular interval, it is y our duty to clean the yantra with either milk or rose water. Wash it with clean water and pat it dry. The color might change, but that will not dilute the power of this yantra.
  • You need to place a proper mix of sandalwood paste and turmeric on the center part and four corners of Yantra
  • Light a ghee lamp or a candle along with incense stick, in the front end of the yantra.
  • Dry and fresh fruits are offered as a mark of devotion and love
  • Chant the promising mantra in front of your chosen yantra to multiply the power

Geometrical Importance

Defined as a powerful vision manifestation, shree navgraha maha yantra comprises of great geometrical power. This sacred yantra is designed to provide all the reliable functionalities of the religious and conventional platforms. Correction of graha doshas, rectification or horoscope, and even appealing planets are some of the most promising aspects of this yantra. The entire yantra is divided into nine small boxes, each dedicated to a planet along with a talisman. It is the primary part of enriching your present planetary strength and doubles it up for your good.

Ways to use it and by whom

This nav graham yantra is designed in such a manner so that it needs to be worshiped with purity of heart. This yantra is solely recommended for those people, whose birth charts comprise of negative planet positioning, within the stated horoscope. If you are suffering from a bad health condition, or devoid of peace of mind and prosperity, this yantra is chosen to be the best promising aspect. Lifelong worship of this yantra helps in maximizing the advantages, as related to planetary influences.

Benefits Of yantra

Amazing benefits associated with this Maha Yantra makes it just the most beneficial option, which you can think of. There is a wide range of beneficial aspects, which make this product a magnificent option, just like you have always wanted. Listed below, are some of the most important points, which you need to be acquainted with:

  • It helps in prevention of malefic influences as related to 9 planets
  • Brings success in life and change your course of life towards happiness
  • Spreads your name and provide you with the fame you want
  • It helps in removal of negative energy from your surrounding area
  • Removes any cast of evil spirits and provides you with mental peace
  • Provides you with wealth and health
  • A perfect beneficial aspect for those couples, who are looking for marital harmony