Shree Sarva Rog Nivaran Maha Yantra

About The yantra

Enjoy A Healthy Life With Shree Sarva Rog Nivaran Maha Yantra

The term “rog” denotes disease, and it can either be placed under physical evidence or a part of mental instability. Therefore, as defined from the term itself, shree sarva rog nivaran maha yantra is the astrological means of getting rid of both physical and mental distractions and enjoy a happy and healthy life. The primary aim of this yantra is to free the owner from fatal diseases, which he might be suffering from. It is a perfect means of enjoying a healthy lifestyle along with the courageous beliefs. This yantra is a final result of ancient texts and scriptures, which finally gave rise to mental peace and physical disturbances.

Important structure of this yantra

The most reliable and valuable version, shree sarva rog nivaran maha yantra is available under two major segments and those are based on copper and gold plated version. It is a perfect amalgamation of Sarva Rog Nivaran, Shri Mahamrityunjaya, Shri Siddh Surya and Kashta Nivarak Siddh Bisa yantras.

  • The primary purpose of this yantra is to eradicate mental and physical tensions and diseases. It is the best way to eliminate mental stress and also provide you with the right form of mental peace, which you have been craving for.
  • It is a perfect way to overcome the death related fears, if you are suffering from any. Moreover, if you are suffering from grave dangers and any other forms of fatal diseases, this yantra is here to save you from the negativities.
  • It is a perfect way to make your sadhak a healthy personality with courageous levels. If you are suffering from daily tensions, wait no further and get in touch with this yantra and start worshipping it from day one.
  • Your daily tensions will wade off within a jiffy. It is a perfect yantra to take off tensions building up in your surrounding and working environment.

Ways to worship

There are some significant steps, which you need to follow, while dealing with shree sarva rog nivaran yantra. It must be worshipped with purest form of your heart and after taking a bath, in the morning. The important mantra, which needs to be recited while worshipping this yantra is Om Hreem Suryaye Namah , Om Hroum Joom Sah, Om Bhooh Bhuvah Swah, Om Trayambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam, Urvaarukmiv Bandhanaat Mrityormuksheeya Maamritaat ! Om Swah Bhuvah Bhooh Om Sah Joom Hroum Om.


  • This Yantra is worshipped early in the morning of a Sunday, around 5 to 5:50 am, after taking your bath and wearing a yellow colored saree or dhoti.
  • You have to sit on a yellow mat, which must be facing towards east. Just before the mat, you have to place the copper plate, as placed at Rog Nivaran Yantra.
  • Just above the yantra, you have to place two Gutikas of Manah Chetana.
  • Take some water in the hollow part of their right palm and pledge for your mental and physical peace.
  • Let the water flows towards the ground while pledging for mental peace
  • For the next step, lit a ghee lamp or candle and some incense sticks, stare towards the flame and chant the mantra, 5 times.
  • After this mantra, you need to chant the Beej mantra for half an hour and on continuous note. This method needs to be continued for 21 days, followed by meditation.


Geometrical Importance

Four of the most powerful Yantras are combined to form shree sarva rog nivaran maha yantra, and with some outstanding results, too. It deals with the night planets along with the floral mark of Shree, basically termed as lotus designer mark. This geometrical shape of this yantra also deals towards the triangle, which bestow blessings on the devotees.

When this yantra is powerful

This yantra is a suitable mechanism for working professionals and top executives. This is a perfect Yantra for all those people, whose main aim is to achieve supreme peace and serenity. The ruling deity of this Yantra is God Surya and the day, when this puja needs to be done is on Sunday. People from various creeds and economic background has the liberty to get in touch with this Yantra puja and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, like never before.


Benefits Of yantra

Get acquainted with the beneficial aspects of shree sarva rog nivaran, before you even want to start using this energized yantra. This is a perfect way to showing your devotion towards your rog nirvana yantra. Listed below, are some of the important aspects of this yantra, which helps in offering you with promising result.

  • In case, you are suffering from depression and suppressed diseases and opponent particles, this yantra can prove to be a daunting task. This is a perfect yantra to attain positive health and also enrich your knowledge regarding the ways to get rid of fatal diseases.
  • A perfect way to enhance the peace of mind, this platform is associated to availing favors from the superior segment. It is a perfect way to keep your daily tensions at bay and enrich your work related surroundings to a completely new level.
  • To avoid mental and physical disturbance, this Yantra needs to be placed in your religious altar and prayed with complete devotion. The positive aspects of this yantra is availed from ancient texts and scripts.