Shree Vaastu Maha Yantra

About The yantra

Shree Vaastu Maha Yantra Is A Perfect Combination Of Four Major Vaastu Powers

Vaastu mainly comprises of a complete understanding of geography, direction, environment, topography and even physics. With the help of shree vaastu maha yantra, you will gain more proficient knowledge regarding the right steps to take and the available architectural methods, to improve the present working condition of your life, for the betterment. Four importance Vaastu Yantras are combined to form the Maha Yantra. Those four magnificent options are Grihdosh Nivarak Vaastuchakra, Dikdosh Nashak, Vaastudosh Nashak Vyapar Vriddhi Indrani Yantras and Vaastudosh Nashak. It is available to form a complete bridge and create harmony between nature and man. By changing the placement of Vaastu you can bring faith, peacefulness and prosperity in your life, for sure.

Importance of this yantra

This yantra is a must for every form of household, and it helps in building a proficient business premises, and remove various forms of negative energies. Even if you have any evil force working in your life, this Maha Yantra will be able to resolve the problems, with due course of time.

  • The primary importance of this yantra lies with removing negative aspects from your life and improve peaceful and serenity.
  • If you are suffering from any ill effects in your Vaastu or place, this yantra is the best way to get rid of such negative instances. It helps in removing bad effects from not such your place but also your commercial or office environment.

Ways to worship

You need a pure heart and a generous mind to achieve fulfilling results with shree vaastu maha yantra. Without proficient devotion you will not be able to get utmost result, like always you have wanted. Follow the steps mentioned below, and you will see negativity leaving your life on a permanent basis.


  • For the first stop, you have to clear your mind of negative thoughts and achieve a positive mindset.
  • Place a mat on floor and sit facing towards north east or north or east direction.
  • Light up a ghee lamp or incense stick and lay some fresh flowers and fruits.
  • Place the Yantra near your puja altar or temple.
  • Take some holy water and sprinkle it on top of yantra and surrounding places to purify it
  • Now, it is time for you to close your eyes and pray for the blessings of Yantra. You not just need utmost devotion, but your mind need to be full of concentration, while following the Beej mantra.
  • You have to recite the beej mantra minimum 11 times to get the finest effect. The available Beej Mantra for Maha Vaastu Yantra is “Om Vastupurushai Namah.”


Geometrical Importance

As it is a perfect amalgamation of four strong yantras,therefore; geometrical importance is also like to get double. The lower point of triangle helps in wading off negative aspects and also help in inviting positive energy to come and hover around your place. The triangles help in symbolizing Goddesses and their power. It even helps in denoting ten strong symbols of prosperity. Therefore, worshipping this symbol means worshipping various forms of energy, packed into one.

When to use the product and by whom

This product is a must use for all, irrespective of economic background or creed. If you are suffering from ill aspects, due to negative construction of your house, this product is a must for you to avail. Hindu community can use this Yantra during day time, just after waking up from bed and after taking a bath. With purest form of mind and heart, you can easily enjoy the powerful aspects of this Maha yantra.


Benefits Of yantra

Benefits are just limitless, when it comes to shree vaastu maha yantra. As it is a perfect combination of four most powerful yantras, therefore; the benefits are also likely to double a lot. Listed below, are some of the beneficial aspects, related to this Yantra.

  • It helps in rectifying the faults associated with site, building, home and official structure. This is mostly used to rectify if any wrong construction too place or any wrong creation.
  • If your surrounding is suffering from negative energies, this yantra is a must for you to possess. Avoid ill effects, which result from inauspicious directions or location of rooms.
  • Removal of various forms of ill effects as related to business premises and attracting more business than usual.