Shri Budh Dev

Pay Tribute To Shri Budh Dev During Float Festivity

Shri Budh Dev is mainly associated with planet Mercury and is said to be the son of The moon, Chandra and Rohini. As per the Hindu Mythology, he is defined as the god of merchandize and also the protector of merchants. Budha is considered to be a Hindu name of a planet. Wednesday is the day, when you need to perform puja and pay tribute to Shri Budh Dev.

Benefits or being a part of it

There are different important benefits, which you are likely to come across with Shri Budh Dev. Budha helps in affecting communication, power and intelligence, followed by analytic ability. There are some major responsibilities to go with Shri Budh Dev, and those are associated with mathematics, skin, science, education, business and research. if you are suffering from any analytical degradation, worshipping Planet Budha can solve your problem in no time.

Religious festivity to follow

One of the most popular festival, which goes handy with Shri Budh Dev is float festival. It is mainly celebrated during the last day of 12 day celebrations in Tamil month of Maasi. The time span revolves within the February and March theme. The timings might vary, and are likely to change from one year to another.

For whom this is performed

Anyone, suffering from mangal dosh can always opt for Shri Budh Dev. Some of the other problems, which can be resolve in a jiffy are Kumbh Vivah, mangal position, fasting for appealing mangal and more. You are cordially invited to join hands with Brahmin pujaris for enriching your knowledge with Shri Budh Dev puja, right now.

Astrological evidences to go with it

Budha is technically termed as a benefic plant, unless any malefic planet happened to join him. In case, any co-planet of Shri Budh Dev is malefic, there are high chances that Budha might also turn out to be malefic. Kanya and Mithuna are mainly ruled by mercury. It is mainly exalted in Kanya and finally falls into Meena or Pisces. Budha is known for its friendly nature with Venus and Sun, and hostile to Moon. It is also neutral towards other planets.