Shri Chandra Dev

Shri Chandra Dev And Power Towards Mental Peace And Stability

In Hinduism, Shri Chandra Dev is mainly defined as lunar God and also a notable graha. Chandra is also identified for its Vedic lunar god Soma. It represents feminine nature, beauty, mind and happiness. He is also defined as Kshuparaka or Nishadipati. He is the major god of fertility and with cancer zodiac sign. Shri Chandra Dev is mainly worshipped on Monday.

Beliefs to go with it

According to Vedic astrology, Chandra is mainly known for representing mind and brain, sensitivity, emotions and imagination. It is the sign of mother, queen and softness. The importance of this Shri Chandra Dev is related to mental stability and also fertility. If you are facing mental instability and losing out your confidence level, nothing can beat the importance of this navagraha Devta.

Monday is the auspicious day

There is no such specific festival, which marks the power of Chandra devta. Mostly Monday is considered to be the auspicious day, when Chandra is worshipped. Charity is done by donating cow’s milk or rice on Monday. You are asked to recite Chandra stotra to enrich the power of Moon. You will be able to enrich your knowledge and power, dedicated to the peaceful mantra of life.

Who can perform it

Anyone, who is suffering from mental sickness and want peace to regain in their life can always take help of Shri Chandra Dev navagraha puja. You will get the best mental peace and stability, once you have start performing the puja. Before you plan to start off with your journey, it is better to take a bath and start worshipping Shri Chandra Dev on Monday. It is important to wear 2 mukhi rudrasha for enriching power.

Astrological values with it

Shri Chandra Dev is a sign of mental stability and pearl is he significant gemstone. Waxing moon is primarily considered to be benefic and the related waning moon is defined as malefic. Right moon is considered to have the highest benefic of order, where dark moon is malefic. There are mainly three lunar mansions, as related to Shri Chandra Dev, and those are hasta, Rohini and Shravana. The food related to him is rice.