Shri Gyanvridhi Vidya Prapti Maha Yantra

About The yantra

Shri Gyanvridhi Vidya Prapti Maha Yantra Enhances Your Siddhi And Enrich Your Knowledge

A preferred combination of knowledge, intellect and wisdom, this shri gyanvridhi vidya prapti maha yantra is an impeccable version like never before. For extension of your knowledge, you are bound to take help of this Yantra at one point of time or the other. Through this product, you will get to empower your inner self with riddhis, intelligence and even siddhis. There are four significant yantras mingled together to form a yantra, and those are Shri Saraswati, Sri Ganesh, Vidya Prapti and Riddhi Siddhi.

Important values related to it

The amazing purpose of this shri gyanvridhi vidya prapti maha yantra is to create an impeccable and flawless result. Listed below, are some of the important points of focus, which will help you to know more about the importance of this Yantra.

  • The primary aim of this Yantra is to deal with education, creativity, knowledge and intelligence
  • It will less an individual with a figure of intuitive skill and with a serious bend of creative mind
  • With the proficient use of this Yantra, you will come and increase in memory power and concentration level
  • Removal and wisdom of various obstacles are mainly given a final verdict with the help of this Yantra

Ways to worship

It is always advisable to place this yantra towards the north east direction of your placement. You can either place it in your home, or can locate it in your office or other altars. No matter whatever is your choice, you can always get the most reliable Yantra for matching your needs.


  • For the first step, you need to wash the Yantra with saline water and soak it in that same water overnight. This step is mostly used to improve the power of Yantra and dissolving the negativity of Yantra.
  • Place the Yantra on top of altar and with other Gods and Goddesses. Place a basket full of flowers and fresh fruits in front of the altar, which will later be distributed as Prasad.
  • Place a candle, or incense stick, along with ghee lamp, which needs to be light up, before starting the religious prospect. As you are placing the product near your hand, therefore; you have to remember that the Yantra is full of power.
  • After that, put a paste of sandalwood on top of the Yantra along with a little bit of vermillion, which are marks of blessings and purity.
  • Lastly, fold your hands, close your eyes and start chanting the mantra with the purest form of your heart.
  • The mantra goes like “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha! Om Eim Saraswatiyei Namah! Ya Devi Sarva Bhootayshu Vidya Roopen Sansthitha! Namastasyaye Namastasyaye Namastasyaye Namoha Namah!!”


Geometrical Importance

Geometrical importance always play a pivotal role, whenever you are dealing with shri gyanvridhi vidya prapti maha yantra. The product is just flawless and a perfect combination of four different strong mantras. Three important boundaries are drawn, which symbolizes energy. It helps to show that the yantra possess energies and will pass the same to the devotees. The pointed part of the triangles, denote positivity in your life. Empower your life with the right siddhi, and flourish your knowledge to a completely new level.

When to use it and by whom

This shri gyanvridhi vidya prapti maha yantra is designed for anyone. It is a must for all those people and needful one, who are associated with Hindu community. It needs to be placed near your learning desk, for apt result. Moreover, every morning, praying with ultimate devotion in front of the yantra, will offer you with the new zeal and energy to concentrate well on your life.


Benefits Of yantra

Whenever you are willing to gain success in undertakings, followed by Siddhi, you are left with no other option, but to take help of shri gyanvridhi vidya prapti maha yantra, as your ultimate helping hand.

  • This is the only Yantra, which helps in marking the intelligence level and also proficient use of knowledge for attending positive response.
  • It is the purest form no Yantra, which helps in increasing your concentration power. This, in return, can help in offering you with positive intelligence level and with some serious undertakings.
  • It helps in reducing stress and help you to concentrate towards only one yantra of your choice.