Shri Ketu Dev

Shri Ketu Dev Is Worshipped For Its Healing Abilities

When it comes to Sanskrit, Ketu is termed to be a comet. It is the mainly a shadowy planet and depicted as the tail of demon snake. Shri Ketu Dev is considered to be a moksha karaka planet and is known for influencing people’s mind spirituality. If you are suffering from ill fate and need to change it for the betterment, you have to pay tribute and homage to Shri Ketu Dev, from the core of your heart.

Religious beliefs to go with it

The influence of Shri Ketu Dev in any person can offer you with healing abilities and also takes a vital part if pharmaceutical science. You will also get to know more about medical science and with excellence in astrology and herb logy. Ketu is likely to endow people with supreme service of spiritual enlighten. It is defined to be the greatest boon for any human existence.

Festivals waiting for you

Besides any form of worship services, there are six times daily offerings, associated with Shri Ketu Dev. This is mainly defined as Abhishekam, which takes place by 8:30 AM. On the other hand, you will also get to be a part of Pradhoshams and major festvals take place during Emakanda Kalam and Rahu kalam.

Who can perform this puja

There is no such specific age bar or gender, when it comes to Shri Ketu Dev puja. Anyone, who is in need of good luck, wealth and prosperity along with permanent happiness, can always look for this puja. Be a part of major temple now and try your luck for the best puja or festivity service.

Astrological evidences to work

Ketu is primarily defined as malefic planet and does not have any specific rule in zodiac. It even helps in recognizing Pieces as the major house. Ketu is primarily defined and dignified in Scorpio, and enfeebled lately in Taurus. This ketu is quite string in pieces, Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo. Moreover, Shri Ketu Dev goes along with Venus, Mercury, Rahu and Saturn. Ketu is also considered to be neutral to Jupiter, where else; moon, sun and mars are some of its enemies.