Shri Mangal Dev

Shri Mangal Dev Is Here For Protecting You From Mangal Dosha

Planet mars mainly symbolizes the Mangal in Hindi and considered to be a fiery planet. It is mostly symbolized by red color and defined as an aggressive astrological means. Shri Mangal Dev is mainly representation of warrior god and believed to be the son of Bhumi or Prithvi. As he is the son of Goddess Earth, therefore; Shri Mangal Dev is mainly called Bhauma. The main worshipping day in Tuesday or Mangalvar.

Beliefs to go with it

As defined as the god of warrior, Shri Mangal Dev is primarily ruled by planet mars. He is known for controlling the muscular strength and system of body and rules over forehead, nose and circulatory system. Tuesday is the Mar’s day and right time to devote prayers to Shri Mangal Dev. Worshipping Mangal Devta is important if anyone is suffering from Mangal Dosha and need to wade off evil spirits.

Ways of worshipping Mangal Devta

Tuesday is defined as the day of worshipping Shri Mangal Dev and with whole hearted devotion and care. If anyone observes fast for 21 times and on Tuesday, they can get rid of unlucky influence of Tuesday, or defined as Mangal Dosha. Durng maximum instances, 6 services are offered on daily basis. Karthigai is mostly celebrated in great manner. Additionally, Brahmotsavam is also celebrated during Tamil months of Thai and pankuni.

People for whom this puja is made

Everyone who is suffering from mangal dosha or bad influence of Tuesday can always opt for Shri Mangal Dev puja. Anyone, irrespective of age can perform this puja, and under the strict guidance of Brahmin pujaris. Worshipping Shri Mangal Dev with flowers and incense sticks are some of the magnificent points to focus at.

Astrological benefits to go handy

Mars is considered to be the ruler of Scorpio and Aries signs. Shri Mangal Dev is known for holding high in Makara and is now fallen under Karka. Mangal helps in teaching occult sciences as a part of Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga. It is also considered to be a malefic planet and friendly to Moon, Sun and Jupiter. Mangal is also considered to be the lord of Chitra, Mrigashirsha, Dhanista and Shravishtha naksha. The gemstone here is red coral and element is fire.