Shri Radha Krishnachandra Temple

About The Temple

Brief Introductory Point For Shri Radha Krishnachandra Temple, ISKCON

Whenever you are talking about Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple, you are mainly dealing with the center piece of the Bhagavati Culture institution in Manipur. This place is noteworthy for its amazing features and values, and with complete devotion towards Radha, Krishna. It was established by none other than His Holiness, also known as Srila Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami Sripad Maharaj, in Manipur.

Religious aspect for you:

There is a whole new range of services, which you are likely to come across, while paying a visit to Sri Radha Krishna Chandra Temple ISKCON, as located in Manipur. This is associated with Lord Krishna and his love towards the devotees. If you are willing to deal with the growing rates of heart and its purity, a visit to this temple is a must watch for all. There is a unique architectural beauty, which you are likely to come across. The most special service is that the temple comprises of bricks, as coated with nothing apart from white cement.

Presiding deity of this place:

As it has already come in the limelight, this place is nothing but a perfect presentation platform for Radha, Krishna, as mentioned and placed in a Manipuri style. This temple is mostly important for not just its architectural beauty but also for its amazing design, which is hard to forget these days. If you are looking for a wonderful structural beauty of idol, this temple is a must visit for you, and show your love and tribute, like nowhere else.

Detailed information of idol:

Being a part of ISKCON platform, this temple is well maintained by the authority of the university only. It is marveled with beautiful structure of radha, krishna, who make the most beautiful couple, so far. The idols are really beautiful and well adorned with dresses and apparels, which are completely in Manipur style. The idols are well maintained and decorated with stylish garlands and floral petals, like never before, and by head priest only.

Other shrines for you:

This temple is mainly known for its dome shaped interior, which is hard to find somewhere else. There are only the major idols of radha, krishna which is located within the secured chamber. The gems, which are used for decorating the interior part of the temple, are said to have been imported from France.

Ritual for you to follow:

The nature of worship of this temple is more or less similar to other ISKCON temple, as located in different parts of India. There is a particular ISKCON Temple timing, which is followed over here, whenever you are planning to take help of this temple and show your love and devotion. This place is also known for its aartis, where the idols are shown incense sticks and garlands of flowers. The grand ceremony of this major aarti is known as mangala aarti, which is also followed by some other rituals. The main purpose of this aarti is to wade off evil spirits.

Some festivities for you to follow:

As this temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Krishna, therefore; you are asked to get in touch with the best festive motion, as related to Lord Krishna and his birthdate. These aspects and festive moods are mainly related to Lord Vishnu and his avatars, as Lord Krishna is also considered to be one of his avatars. All these festivities take place within the temple and within the campus of this university. Some of the most promising ones are Rama Navami, Brahmotsava, narasimha jayanti and even Panihati Chida-dahi.

Apart from the festivals, which have already been mentioned, you can see a completely look of this temple during ratha yatra. Devotees from various corners of the world make it a point to visit this temple and show their tribute. Moreover, people can even come here and look for the Balaram Jayanti, Jhulan Utsav, Nityananda Trayodashi, Krishna Shringar and Kumbhabhisheka, as some of the other values, to follow.

Pilgrimage site for you:

This place is mainly noted for its pilgrimage value, which is hard to avoid these days. You are always asked to take a trip to this temple, whenever you are visiting Imphal, for your recreational motives. A trip over here will help you to know more about the real meaning of spiritual enhancement.

How To Reach

After you have already planned for a trip to ISKCON Temple imphal, you are always asked to take a look at various other ways, which can help you to come close to the major temple of your choice. There are so many value added ways waiting for you, and you are asked to choose the best place, for your needs and demands. You are always asked to go for the best commutation services, which are hard to avoid.

  • By Train: In case, you are looking for the railway option, Imphal does not have any of its own railway station. The nearest option, which you can try and opt for is the Dimapur, and it is 215 km from the place of your choice. Later, you can take a taxi or bus option, when planning to get the best values for your needs and demands.
  • By air: If you are willing to reach this place as fast as possible, then airport transportation can prove to be better than railway values. You can always opt to take help of Imphal Airport, which is mainly 8 km from the center of this city.
  • By road: For the road option, you can always opt for bus and taxi services, as some of the additional values, meant for your use. These buses are state owned in nature, and can connect you well with some other parts of Manipur.


Nearby Attractions

It is an inevitable truth that ISKCON Temple Manipur is one of the prominent landmarks, which people come to see from various corners of the world. This religious shrine is not just known for its religious belief, but also known for its outstanding values when it comes to additional beautification. After you are done with this magnificent temple, there are some other places for you to see, as well. Some of those are:

  • Sambal- Lei-Sekpil garden: This garden is known to be located at Sagolban, Imphal, mainly towards the Tidim road. This place is mostly famous for its Sambal Lei Sekpil, which means flowers and topiary. This garden is an open place for all visitors.
  • Matai Garden: This garden is another famous landmark of this place, which is mainly located towards NH 39. It has another important name, which is Ibudhou Asheiningthou garden, drawing inspiration from local Matai God, Ibudhou Asheiningthou. This garden is mainly famous for its myriad Duranta plant, which is shaped well and decorated in the most promising manner.
  • The Manipur State Museum: In case, you are willing to check out the various lovely historical values of Manipur and Imphal ancestry, this museum can always prove to be the most promising area to visit. This museum is mainly known for its wonderful collections of artifacts and tribal heritage, which will simply blow off your mind.
  • Manipur Zoological Gardens: It is an amazing place in case you want to check out the rare species, row Antlered deer. This zoo comprises of a modest surrounding, with large open space for the animals to roam freely.
  • Shree Govindajee Temple: When it comes to highest cultural activity, this temple is the promising name for you to deal with. It was established during the time of Maharajas, and located quite near to the famous Royal Palace.

History Of Temple

Historical and cultural values of this temple:

In case, you are willing to come across a place, which has some amazing spiritual and cultural beliefs, mingled into one, then ISKCON temple in Imphal can be one of those places. Now, there is a golden ISKCON Temple history, which you might look for, whenever planning to deal with this magnificent temple. Well embellished with gems from France, this temple is a complete cultural beauty in itself. The idols of Radha, Krishna are considered to be the most beautiful one, with traditional dresses for the deities.

The moment you step inside the temple, you will come across the lovely chants of Hare Rama and Hare Krishna. These hymns are considered to be quite soothing in nature and it is a peaceful mingling feeling of soothing sense of serenity. The aura, which surrounds this shrine is considered to be quite indescribable and mainly during the time of Janmashtami, and this is considered to be illuminated in the most beautiful manner.

The most remarkable feature of this temple is the natural lighting service, which helps in offering a soothing visibility of Sankirtan area. This place is the major one for offerings and prayers. You are also likely to come across the vibrant placement of precious stones, which are solely imported from France. As legend unfolds, this temple was first established by Srila Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami Sripad Maharaj, as the main aim was to let people of Imphal understand and love the values of Radha, Krishna. Therefore, a trip over here is must to rejuvenate your life with new meaning.