Shri Radha Raman Temple

About The Temple

Introductory Note Of Shri Radha Raman Temple:

Shri Radha Raman Temple is considered to be a dedicated temple of lord Krishna, located at Kachipur, which is at present near the Manipur University. This temple is considered to be dedicated by none other than Maharaj Churachand, in 1917 AD. At this present moment, this temple has seen some changes, as well.

Religious aspects related to this temple:

Whenever you are talking about Shri Radha Raman Temple Manipur, you are always asked to get in touch with the best religious aspect, which made this temple a memorable name among all. Devotees from various corners of the world make it a point to visit this temple to get freedom from diseases. This temple is also known for providing you with fame, courage and wealth. It is also a perfect place to get relief from bondage and adverse effects, as related to bad planetary aspects. Therefore, it is always advisable to pay tribute to Lord Krishna, and visit this temple, once in your lifetime.

More about presiding deity:

As already mentioned, this temple is completely dedicated to Radhe raman, which is another name of Lord Krishna. Not just the idol of Lord Krishna can be seen in this temple, but you are likely to get acquainted with the idol of Radha, the love of his life, as well. This temple is a mark of eternal love, which prevailed between Lord Krishna and Radha. The main idol is located within the inner chamber of this temple, and taken care with love.

More about the deities:

This temple is ideal for those devotees, who are willing to pay tribute and love to Lord Krishna. There are mainly two chambers, which are seen within the compound, and the idol is installed inside the inner chamber, which is also termed as a secured place of this complex. This structure is primarily raised on a square shaped platform, and it faces the south. This temple is also noted for its staircases, in three sides of this temple.

Other structural value of this temple:

Apart from the main idol, this temple is also known for its cultural beauty. It comprises of strong pillars, located at every corner of the temple. These pillars are major marks of astonishing beauty, which prevails in this platform. You can also take a look at the available architectural style, which is well prevalent in this temple.

Formal rituals to follow:

There are some specified ways to show love and tribute to Radha Raman or Lord Krishna, while visiting this place. The major ritual takes place during full moon night, when you can see priests offering naivedhya to the shilas of this temple. In maximum instances, the Prasad of this naivedhya is prepared by the male members of the priest family, and with the head priest supervising the entire scene. Devotees are welcome to take part in aartis, taking place twice daily, with incensed sticks and flowers, to show their love and respect. It is a perfect way to wade off evil spirits and invite fame and wealth, in your life.

Special occasions and festivals for you:

The name of this Shri Radha Raman Temple kanchipur came from lord Krishna, as sometimes he is known as Radha Raman, by his devotees. The structure of this temple is more or less similar to the ancient look of Langthabal palace, which shows more about its inventory motives. This place is mostly seen lit up with lights and flowers, during the celebration of Janmashthami. This is the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday and this place is well lit up with various forms of garlands and incense sticks to show love and respect.

If you are visiting this place during this Janmashtami time, you will see bhajans taking place on various corners of this temple. These bhajans are later followed by some amazing notes on Lord Krishna and his blessings towards his devotees. There are different other festivals, which can be seen within this temple, but nothing as beautiful and lively as celebrating birthday of Lord Krishna.

Perfect pilgrimage spot:

If you are an ardent follower of Lord Krishna, visiting this place can be considered as the next best thing for you to take. This place is a perfect pilgrimage spot to show your love and tribute to all good deeds of lord Krishna on mankind, from the purest corner of heart.

How To Reach

Whenever you are planning for a trip to Radha Ramen temple and collect some holy Shri RadhaRaman Temple photo, you must know the best spot to go. Listed below, are some important ways, which you might think to follow, while planning for a trip to this place.


  • By air: The most nearest airport, which can help to reach Manipur is Imphal, which is 6km from the present spot. You are likely to come across bi weekly flights from this airport. You can avail flights 6 days in a week to reach this spot from Kolkata. There are some tourist buses and local taxi available to take you from airport to Manipur.
  • By rail: There are no such railway lines, which you can see in Manipur. The nearest option, which you are likely to come across, is Dimapur, which is 215 km from Imphal areas. There are some trains, which can connect it twice every week from some major metropolitan areas of India.
  • By road: You have the liberty to get acquainted with best state registered buses and taxi services, from can connect this place with other parts of India. You can also get good chauffeur services, meant for your use.


Nearby Attractions

Apart from coming in terms with Shri Radha Raman Temple timing, there are so many other promising places for you to visit. Whenever you are planning for any temple visit in this place, wait no further and get in touch with some other hotspot tourist attraction places. You are going to come in direct contact with some amazing values, as related to this platform.

  • Loktak Lake: This is considered to be the largest fresh water lake in this region. This is also stated as the only best floating lake. This place also houses the Curvus Eldi Eldi, and the race is near to extinction.
  • Shree Govindajee Temple: This is also considered to be a highest rate of service, as related to cultural activity, mostly dealing with the Maharajas time. In this located near the available royal palace of this said maharajas. This place can be defined as 2 domes and with another raised congregation hall.
  • Ima Keithel: This is also stated as women’s market, where you can bargain various forms of products and spread a colorful cloth with so many other accessories, waiting for you. this can be the first place, where you can avail some of the most promising trading services of Manipur. There are mainly two major sectors of this bazaar. One is meant for vegetables, fruits and similar other products. The other one is stored and noted for handloom items.
  • The Manipur State Museum: As understood from the name of this place itself, this can be defined as the museum area to know more about the culture and tradition of this place. This is the perfect place for you to know more about the tangible history of this place, along with the tribal heritage of this place for you to know.


History Of Temple

Defined as a perfect temple of Lord Krishna, in its Radha Raman look, there is a wide history, which is associated with this temple. In case, you are willing to know more about it, you are asked to be a part of this temple and worship lord Krishna, from the deepest corner of your heart. Make sure to come in direct contact with the temple first and understand detailed information based on Shri Radha Raman Temple history, as legend unfolds. This is one of the oldest temple, which is dedicated by none other than the world famous Maharaj Churachand. The establishment date of this temple is in 1917 AD.

You are also going to take a deep look at the architectural beauty of this temple, which can be seen well on its exterior look. This temple is located on a pedestal, which is known for its artifacts and some amazing scripture work of ancient times. This temple is also known for its two celled option and with pradakshna path for the devotees, in case; they are willing to move around the temple and look for the value added services.

In case, you are willing to get rid of bad affects in your life due to planetary movement, a visit to this Radha Raman temple is a must for all to follow. Moreover, if you can pay tribute to Lord Krishna from the purest version of your heart, you can see wealth and fame, hovering over your life, from day one. This is considered to be nothing but a life changing option for all.