Shri Sarvasiddi Maha Yantra

About The yantra

Complete Devotion With Purity Of Heart Forms Shri Sarvasiddi Maha Yantra

A perfect combination of fulfilling all your desires, this shri sarvasiddi maha yantra is your ultimate choice, whenever the right time comes. Worshipping it with the purity of your heart will help you to get your dreams turn into a reality, like never before. It is practically a perfect combination of four of the most reliable yantras, for obtaining success in every sphere of life. This yantra is a perfect combination of Sarvamanokamna Prapti, Shri Karyasiddhi, Shri Sarvakarya Bisa and Manokamna Siddhi Yantra.

Importance of shri sarvasiddi maha yantra

Promising result is another name of shri sarvasiddi maha yantra, which makes it an ultimate choice for many. Whether you are looking for the most reliable copper platform or planning to get in touch with the golden base, online companies have loads of options, waiting for you.

  • It helps in changing the present luck of one, for the betterment and brings some of the desirable outcomes. It even helps in manifesting the deepest desires of one person.
  • To enhance the present confidence, knowledge, family progress and wisdom in your upcoming future, this yantra is considered to be the best option
  • For availing favors from the superiors and avail authority, power and finance, this Yantra is the most promising one.
  • It helps in providing courage against any form of odds and ensures promising success in everything practical that you do
  • It helps in kick starting the spiritual practices in maximum people to create an agreeable effect

Ways to worship

There are some amazing ways, which you need to be acquainted with while dealing with shri sarvasiddi maha yantra. Purification of heart and mind is a must, whenever you are willing to worship this yantra in the most promising manner.


  • For the first step, you need to find a flooring area, facing towards the east, and place the yantra in that direction, accordingly
  • Light up an oil lamp or an incense stick, and place it in front of the yantra
  • Lay some fresh flowers and fruits as a mark of your devotion
  • Open the given yantra and place it along with the deity’s image
  • Take water from the leaf of your tree and sprinkle some water on top
  • Close your eyes and it is time for you to concentrate on the yantra and deities for availing their blessings for a happy life ahead


Geometrical Importance

A perfect combination of nine interlocking triangles, shri sarvasiddi maha yantra is a powerful device, with special geometrical importance, associated with it. For some desirable outcomes along with manifestation of some deepest desires, this yantra proves to be a leading helping hand. Chanting the mantra, “Om Hreem shreem Kleem Mam Sarva Karya Sadhaya Sadhaya Swaha” is not just enough if you are not acquainted with the value of the geometrical evidence. The Sri Chakra forms a major part of this yantra, which denotes symbol of Hindu tantra, based on Hindu philosophy.

Used by whom and when

People, looking for success in every sphere of life can possibly take help of shri sarvasiddi maha yantra, as your major aspect to deal with. No matter for any personal or professional needs, this maha yantra can prove to be your ultimate choice. For your fulfillment, get blessed with the deities of wealth, protection and success, meant for your use. The reliable yantras are made using copper sheet and with 24 carat gold plating for enriching the present look and duty of the product, too.


Benefits Of yantra

Whenever the main concern lies with shri sarvasiddi maha yantra, benefits come all the way with the Yantra as a complete package. As defined by the name itself, this yantra comprises of 15 exclusive combinations of Gods and Goddesses, to enrich the present working power of the Yantra. Some of the most reliable benefits are listed below:

  • It helps in offering siddhi along with success in any of your undertaking and with proficient intelligence
  • Prosperity, wealth, and good future are some of the major plus points
  • Fulfillment of some of the worldly desires along with mental strength and inner cosmic power
  • Proficient luck in wealth, business and prosperity along with protective layer from any form of danger
  • Authority, power, conquest over enemies and vigor are some of the reliable options
  • Pacifying all sorts of planets for a good result