Shri Shani Dev

Enrich Your Wealthier Side With Shri Shani Dev

Saturn or Shani is considered to be one of the major aspects of Navagraha in Hindu astrology. Shani is considered to be the lord of 7th day and the main day in Saturday. The term Shani comes from Shanaye Kramati Sa, meaning a person movi9ng slowly. It takes nearly 30 years to complete a total rotation around Sun. If you are suffering from Shri Shani Dev’s effect, it is better to worship Lord Hanuman, as the best result to deal with.

Beliefs and benefits to go handy

If you are looking for a protective layer on your property, then worshipping Shri Shani Dev from the core of your heart is the only way out. Saturday is the auspicious day to perform this ritual task. Shani Devta has immense power to suppress the thieving tendencies as related to vulture. Moreover, he is also known for flowering you with blessings, if you are suffering from hard luck. He is known for awarding the devotees with leadership qualities and with recognition and fame, among masses.

Fasting to mark honor

Fasting is considered to be a form of yagna, to go handy with Shri Shani Dev,. Light fast with sesame seeds and broth is the primary aim for you to deal with. Moreover, if you are suffering from adverse Shani effects, reciting Hanuman Chalisa is considered to be the best way to get rid over it. This is to be performed on Thursday, Tuesday and Saturday.

Performed for the needful

Projecting wealth and happiness are some of the plus points, which make Shri Shani Dev one of the most powerful planets in navagraha. People, irrespective of age or bar can always look for worshipping Shri Shani Dev, whenever the right time comes.

Astrological evidence for you

Shani or Shri Shani Devis embodied in Saturn and known for holding a strong position in astrological services. Shani is also known as Chayyaputra, as he is the son of Surya Devta and his wife Chhaya. His elder brother is Yama and Shani is known for changing your luck completely. Vulture is considered to be his vahana and he is worshipped as a protector of property.