Shri Shukra Dev

Shri Shukra Dev Helps In Strengthening Up Relationship Bonds

Being the son of Urjaswathi and Bhrgu, Shukra is considered to be the preceptor of Diatyas. He is also defined as the guru of Asuras. His power is synonymous to Venus and presides over Friday. Shukravar is considered to be the auspicious day and the best direction is south east. White is the major color and silver is a renowned metal. Spring is the significant season and water is the noteworthy element, to go with Shri Shukra Dev.

Beliefs and optional values

If you are looking for fortune, wealth and luxurious lifestyle, Shri Shukra Dev is the finest path towards success. Venus is even known for symbolizing passion and love. Diamond is the major gemstone and both Tula Rashi and Vrishaba rashi are worshipped through Shri Shukra Dev. In case, your Shukra is down, it means your relationships and family ties are going to get the major blow. It is important to wear diamonds for enriching family love.

Religious aspects for your need

For enriching the power of Shri Shukra Dev, Haradatta Sivacharyar is the main festival, which is celebrated in the Tamil month of Thai, on an yearly count. Some of the other festivals, which you can come across here, are Aadi Pooram, Mahasivaratri, Arudra Darisanam and Navaratri. These are some of the important celebrations, which come handy with various importance.

For whom it can be performed

Anyone, who is suffering from lower family relationship and need to enrich family and love relationship bond, can always opt for Shri Shukra Dev, as the major option. Friday is the major day to offer your prayers and get your relationship bond stronger. Even if you are suffering from ingestion, pimples or loss of appetite, devotional prayers to Shri Shukra Dev can always act in your favor.

Astrological values for you

When it comes to Shri Shukra Dev in Vedic astrology, it is considered to be an important benefic planet and rules over Libra and Taurus. It exalted in Pisces and falls into Virgo. Saturn and mercury are two friendly planets, where else; moon and sun play hostile roles. Jupiter and other planets are considered to be neutral over here.