Shri Surya Dev

Shri Surya Dev Navagraha Puja For Enriching Wisdom And Courage

Lord Surya or Shri Surya Dev occupies the primary part of navgrahas, facing the eastern part of the navagraha. Also defined as Ravi, Surya is mainly the Simha Rashi and the sun sign is Leo in Zodiac. The surya’s vahana is mainly seen riding a chariot and drawn by 7 horses. These seven horses represent seven colors, and even seven days a week. For any problems, which can be solved by Shri Surya, moola mantra needs to be chanted 6000 times in 40 days’ time. Sunday is the main worshipping day.

Beliefs with beneficial aspect

Shri Surya Deva represent soul, will power and fame. It is even defined as general vitality and courage, which make the astrological values. If you are lacking power and need to value it, then worshipping Surya Devta is the one stop solution. He is primarily exalted in Mesha sign, and debilitation in Tula sign.

Religious festivity related to it

There are various festivals, which incorporate Shri Surya Dev in its prayers. In the Tamil month of Thai, Ratha Saptami festivity is the main area of concern. The primary Sundays of Aavani and kartikai are also considered to be highly auspicious. Annual Brahmotsavam and Vijaya Dashami are also help to pay tribute to Shri Surya Dev navagraha.

Who can perform it

There is so such specification regarding who can perform this navagraha act. Anyone, who is in need or courage and want to get rid of evil forces are cordially invited to be a part of this ritual. It is the finest option for those people, whose astrological mark is Leo.

Astrological values available

In astrology, Shri Surya Dev is mainly noted for its mild malefic, defining his dry and hot nature. Astrological stones and other pujas take place while dealing with Shri Surya Dev navagraha puja. You will be able to understand the ethical and religious belief, through this festivity. It needs to be performed from the core part of your heart and without infusing any negative thoughts. It is the best way to enrich yourself with Guru Shakti, which has the ability to remove various forms of skin diseases. This mantra is enough to offer success and fame everywhere.