Play And Worship The Child God At Nathdwara

Shrinathji is another manifestation of Krishna. But, Shrinathji is Krishna’s juvenile form. The age of Shrinathji is only seven years. And this is Krishna’s Giri Govardhan form. According to the Hindu mythology, Krishna was born in Mathura at King Kangsa’s prison and was smuggled out to Vrindavan as it was destined that he will vanquish Kangsa. It was then the cow belt of North India. The reigning god was the Indra. Krishna advised the local people to stop worshipping the Indra. Enraged Indra gathered the storm clouds to flood the area. It rained for seven days and seven nights, and the boy Krishna lifted the Mt Govardhan in one hand and sheltered the villagers. Indra ultimately acknowledged defeat and left.

According to the legend, the Shrinathji deity manifested in the Govardhan hill and appeared before Vallabhacharya and worshipped as Shrinathji. During the Mughal era of Aurungzeb, the deity was smuggled out of Mathura and hidden in Agra. It was then put into a chariot and smuggled out to Mewar. The chariot carrying the idol got stuck in the mud at Sinhad village and attempted to move the chariot failed. The people believe that the spot is chosen by the deity and accordingly a temple is built there, and the idol is placed in the temple. In this temple, Shrinathji is worshipped for centuries.


Benefits of worship

The Shrinathji is worshipped to realize the meaning of unselfish love. Shrinathji is worshipped to free the surroundings from evil and bring peace, love and all round prosperity.


How to worship

The Shrinathji is worshipped in the original shrine at Nathdwara day long. The specialty of Shrinathji worship is that the temple door is opened for eight times in a day. The doors are closed in between; it is to give the deity time to play with his friends and for taking rest. The main worship is based on three themes those are Raga, Bhog and Shringaar Seva. The Raga seva means song. The Bhog seva is serving the Bhogs it is a daylong process. And the last is Shringaar, it is also a daylong process. The decoration of the main shrine is changed many a times to match the mood of the day and the dress of the idol in matching splendor.

Festivals based on Shrinathji

The main festival at Shrinathli temple is Annakuta when 2500 kgs of hill rice are offered to the idol in the morning. And in the evening the entire Bhog is then looted by the devotees. Apart from this, on an average three festivals are held in the shrine every week. The other festivals are Janmashtami, Holi and Dewali.

Regions where the Shrinathjia is worshipped

There are temples of Shrinathji in Mathura, Goa and Pakistan, USA, Russia, and Australia