Attain Material Wealth And Fame By Participating In Shukra Puja
About puja

Shukra is essentially known as Planet Venus according to Vedic astrological texts. These texts further state that it is among the most beneficial of all planets. The state of Venus is similar to the celestial body of Chandra or Moon that is the water state. Vedic Samhitas provide a deeper study about planet Venus. The Samhitas elaborate that Venus is fundamentally the planet of enjoyment, happiness and love.

However, if Shukra has a weak or wrong astrological position in your horoscope, then it can lead to certain negative results. This can be in the form of Shukra Dosha that leads to loss of happiness and wealth. Nevertheless, unfavorable results can be remedied with the aid of appropriate homams, yajna and Shukra Puja. These rites will expedite the process of alleviating Shukra Mahadasha and Shukra Bhukti.

According to legends

Shukra is often termed as the Indian Venus. It is known by several interesting names like Bhargava, Usanas, Kavi-putra, Kavya and Kavi. An interesting aspect is that Shukra is deemed as the preceptor of demons or asuras. It is said that Venus has the potential of mritha-sanjivi, in other words reviving of the dead. Positive facets of Shukra Dosha effect can be enhanced by conducting Shukra Puja.

During the phase of Dasha, Shukra is said to provide immense, commendable benefits. Certain notable examples that Shukra helps in facilitating are Kalyana Yoga, which means auspicious events, ceremonies and marriage. It also presents Vahana Yoga, which denotes buying of new vehicles. Another positive aspect is Graha Yoga where a favorable Venus positioning in the horoscope chart will help you in buying a new house.

Notable astrological aspects

In Sanskrit terminology, Shukra translates as brightness, clearness and pure, clear. Along with being identified as Planet Venus, it belongs to the corpus of Navagrahas or nine planets. Venus presides over Friday or Shukravar. Etymologically, Shukra is identical with the term Shukla which signifies light.


  1. Venus is a benefic planet and rules over astrological signs of Taurus or Vrishabha and Libra or Tula Rashi. However, its position falls in Virgo or Kanya and exalts in case of Pisces or Meena.
  2. Harmonious planets of Venus are Saturn and Mercury. The hostile planets that are opposed to Shukra are the Moon and Sun. Other planets are considered neutral. In astrology, Venus represents artistic talents, quality of material life, reproduction, pleasure, fine arts, feminine qualities, romance, etc.
  3. If you have a favorable location of Shukra in your horoscope chart, then you are likely to enjoy a harmonious relationship. You will certainly appreciate the various attributes of nature, as well.
  4. However, Shukra Mahadasha can lead to overindulgence along with worthy and unaccomplished work. Shukra is considered the Lord of three Nakshatras or Lunar Mansion, which are Purva Ashadha, Purva Phalguni and Bharani.

Some unfavorable effects

Presence of Shukra Graha in your natal chart’s Nakshatra is termed as Shukra Mahadasha. If, during the phase of Mahadasha, your Shukra has a strong place in the horoscope then it brings optimal results. Some of these are enhancement of working aesthetics, materials gains, gracefulness, beauty and luxury. However, a weak Shukra can lead to various health problems and ailments. It can cause urinary and venereal diseases, impotence, asthma, paralysis and even relationship issues.

Then there is the aspect of Shukra Dasha, which has the capability of remaining active for almost twenty years in an individual’s horoscope. In the Hindu calendar, Shukra is associated with the months of May-June or JyeshTha. Due to weak or adverse placement of the Shukra Graha in your natal chart, you can face certain predicaments. The malefic effects of Venus are called as Shukra Dosha.


Certain effectual remedies

In case of ill effects of Planet Venus, you can make use of certain essential remedies. Fasting and wearing of gemstones are considered beneficial. The ideal day for fasting and performing rituals is Shukravaar or Friday. Another effective remedy is the chanting of various Mantras. Incantation of japa in the name of Lord Shukra is an ideal attribute. Chanting Shukra Mantra from one hundred and eight times to twenty thousand times will bring positive results. Different mantras that you can recite are Gayathri, Purnakota, Beeja and Shukra Stotra. It is necessary to chant the mantras within a time span of twenty days.


Performing of Yajna

For appeasing planet Shukra, you must perform Shukra Puja.

  1. Graha Shanti Shukra Puja and Yagya are ideal for people who are facing problems and ill effects. This is due to incorrect positioning of Venus in the natal chart. The Yagna can be implemented on Friday of any week.
  2. Chanting of mantras should be done facing the south-east direction. Priests use the wood of Goolar for performing the havan. Requisite ingredients for homam are ghee, honey, curd and milk along with roots, herbs that are duly offered in the sacrificial fire.
  3. Friday is considered to be the day that is bestowed by Goddess Shakti, who rules Shukra Graha. Goddess Shakti is also known as Devi Lakshmi. Worshipping Devi Lakshmi will help in removing obstacles created by Shukra Dosha.

Conducting essential rituals

For appeasing the Navagrahas, an ideal option would participate in Vedic Pujas. A knowledgeable Vedic Jyotish is capable of performing requisite rituals and homas.

  1. Conducting Shukra Puja is necessary for removing malefic effects of Planet Venus. An important step here is chanting of Shukra Veda Mantra. Before the puja begins, Pandita takes a Sankalpam or resolution.
  2. Priests then perform the Swasti Vachan and read the Shanti Path. Sthaapna of Gods like Ganesh, Lakshmi, Shukra Dev, Brahma, Navagraha and Agni takes place.
  3. After an invocation of Gods and Goddesses, pundits perform the Shukra Yantra Puja and recite the Shukra Mantra Jaapa for sixteen thousand times. After this Lord Shiva and Goddess Lakshmi Puja is performed.
  4. The Shukra Homam is followed by Navagraha Samidha, Purnahuti and the Aarti.
Advantages of Shukra Puja

Lord Shukra bestows devotees with the power of controlling their sensory organs. This will help in attaining name and fame. Conducting the Shukra Puja will help in accelerating business matters and will enhance your personal life. It will bring financial stability, abundant wealth, materialistic development, ideal appetite and health. The Puja helps in considerable diminishing of malefic effects of Planet Venus. Praying to Lord Shukra will also effectively reduce the chances of mishaps and accidents.