Sita Devi

Sita Devi Is The Greatest Symbol Of Womanhood

Sita was the heroine of the epic Ramayana, and she is worshipped as the wife of Lord Rama. Another epithet of Sita is Janaki signifying that she is the daughter of Janaka. Her abduction by the demon king Ravana, and on her day of imprisonment, she proved her purity by going through an ordeal of fire. From that day, she is worshipped.


The Worshipping Ritual

Sita is worshipped as the incarnation of Lakhsmi and the Consort of Lord Vishnu. They are often regarded for their sacrifice and devotion. Hence, females worship Sita to stay devoted to their husbands. Sita is worshipped by chanting her name and a shortened version of her husband’s name, whereby both feminine and masculine energies are called upon


Beliefs And Benefits

Even today, people of Mithila believe it inauspicious in tying knots in the month of Marg-Shish, the season Sita and Rama and tied their knots. However, there are contrary beliefs prevailing this and Rama and Sita are considered to be the best partner, and they are worshipped. She is the ideal example of a woman who possesses all the good qualities. Apart from the epitome of womanhood, her life was filled with turmoil, but she kept calm and dignity. Hence, she is worshipped by women to retain these values.

Festivals Based On Sita

The celebration of Diwali and Dusshera in India often marks the celebration of the victory of Rama. With Lord Rama, Devi Sita is also worshipped with great pomp and splendor. Apart from that, on Ram Navami signifying the birthday of Lord Rama and Vivah Panchami that enacts the wedding of Ram and Sita are also celebrated. While the former is celebrated around March-April, the later takes place on the fifth day of full moon in November to December.

Places Of Worship

Sita is worshipped more or less all over India, and even in Nepal. In fact, she is greatly associated with Hinduism. There is no particular area, where she is worshipped, but in places of North India like Mithila, she has immense significance. There is no particular time when she is worshipped, but several people find out specific time to worship her.