Sri Suktha Homam Pulls You Out From The State Of a Chaos
About homam

There are different ways of invoking the essence of Mother Goddess- Shri Lakshmi Devi, who is the consort of Lord Vishnu. Sri Suktha Homam is one of the special ways to follow. The devotee or the priest recites special hymns and conducts ahutis or sacrifice in the fire, to invoke the blessing of the Mother Goddess. The main objective of this particular Homam is to arouse Goddess Lakshmi’s power. The Sri Sukta sloka is to be found in the Vedas. As said before, the verses celebrate the essence of the Mother Goddess Lakshmi Devi, who is the harbinger of peace, prosperity, fertility and wealth. The special verses refer to the Mother Goddess as the Sri Shukta. As per the Vedas, there are five different Sukthas, and Shri Suktha is one amongst the five Sukthas.

The word ‘Sri’ has a contextual significance; in the sense it personifies and relates to the auspiciousness of the Goddess. Lakshmi Devi, as the better half of the Lord Vishnu also epitomizes the power and splendor of the Lord. The word Sri also personifies the regal qualities of Lakshmi Devi. If Narayan is the being, Lakshmi Devi embodies becoming. Sri Shukta embodies being as well as becoming. Hence, when a devotee conducts the Homam, he pays homage to the very essence of the creation. Fridays are most appropriate for conducting the Shri Shukta Homam.


Items/samagri required

You should purify yourself by taking a bath, and then collect the following ingredients

  1. Shri Lakshmi Devi’s picture, where she finds herself in the seated posture. The picture representing the eight different incarnations of the Divine deity or Mother Lakshmi will also do
  2. A pictographic representation of Shri Balaji. You can also use a combined image that upholds the seated posture of the Mother Goddess inside the bosom of the Lord Balaji or Vishnu.
  3. Garland consisting of red flower
  4. Lamp filled with clarified butter
  5. Square shaped container for conducting the Homam sacrifice
  6. Camphor, incense sticks, vermilion and coconuts
  7. Sweets or sugar crystals for making an offering. You can offer anything made of sweet as the prasadam.
  8. Incense stick, fresh water in a glass and match stick for the purpose of lighting
Procedure of performing Shri Suktha homam

Method of conducting the Shri Suktha ritual

  1. First, you need to purify yourself by bathing and wear a fresh set of clothes. First, you are supposed to pay homage to the twin deities of Sri Lakshmi Devi, and Lord Vishnu or Balaji whom she accompanies
  2. Do ensure the proper placement of the photo. You can place the pictures either in the North, or in the east. Barring the southern position, you can use all the three directions for placing the image.
  3. Recite the verses of Shri Shukta in a clear voice. As you recite the sloka, use the plate filled with vermilion for offering the same at the Mother Goddess’s lotus feet.
  4. Continue reading the sloka at least for ten to fifteen minutes
  5. Thereafter, it is the time for installing the Homam fire. Place a few pieces of camphor on the homam conducting container. Then, light the fire, and have it installed.
  6. Use clarified butter and coconuts for conducting the Homam sacrifice.
  7. Light incense sticks in front of the picture of the Goddess, and as the fire installation ritual takes place; make it a point to concentrate on your objectives.
  8. Try to conceptualize the image of the mother Goddess in the Homam Fire, and request it to grant you the wishes.
  9. The homam procedure ends with the offering of sweetmeats( prasadam) to Shri Lakshmi Devi and Lord Balaji
  10. Be particular about touching your forehead with the offered vermilion, and after you receive the offering in vermilion, make it a point to keep the vermilion at the foot of a basil herb (tulsi tree).

Shri Suktha Hymns

हरिः ॐ

Harih Om

हिरण्यवर्णां हरिणीं सुवर्णरजतस्रजाम् ।

चन्द्रां हिरण्मयीं लक्ष्मीं जातवेदो म आवह ॥१॥


1.1: (Harih Om. O Jatavedo, Invoke for me that Lakshmi) Who is of Golden Colour, Beautiful and Adorned with Gold and Silver Garlands.(Gold represents Sun or the Fire of Tapas; Silver represents Moon or the Bliss and Beauty of Pure Sattva.)

1.2: Who is like the Moon with a Golden Aura, Who is Lakshmi, the Embodiment of Sri; O Jatavedo, please Invoke for Me that Lakshmi.(Moon represents the Bliss and Beauty of Pure Sattva and the Golden Aura represents the Fire of Tapas.)


Just as there is no difference between the powder and the holder containing it; similarly there is no difference between Lord Vishnu, and his divine consort. The basic essence of the Sri Suktha Homam is to invoke the blessing of the both the Lord and his divine consort, in Lakshmi Devi. The verses that deify Sri Suktha look up to the presiding deity as the ultimate of the divine manifestation.

The verses are immensely powerful, and if you recite them with full concentration; then, it bestows you with an unfailing character. You can bring composure and confidence into your personality by reciting this particular Shri Suktha sloka. Not only this, the homam dedicated to Sri Suktha also reflects on the health, well-being and the general happiness of the family.

Sri Suktha not only personifies materialistic energy but also is reflective of the spiritual process. Hence, by conducting this particular Homam, you not only gain spiritually, but also gain materialistic wealth and pleasure. The Fortune Goddess or the Sri Suktha showers you with boons and blessings.

You may be in the middle of a financial difficulty. Then, you may have too many obstacles to counter, in your professional life. In that case, you will have reasons to gain by conducting the Shri Suktha Homam. The Sri Suktha verses or the slokas have the power to rid you of poverty.

The Homam sacrifice not only creates grounds for the profusion of mental peace, good luck and overall happiness; but also goes a long way towards enhancing your financial situation. If you have wayward children who find it difficult to concentrate in their studies; then, also, you can undertake the Homam sacrifice, on a regular basis, once every month on a Friday. The sacrifice leads to the fulfillment of wishes.

You can count on the strength and power of the Shri Suktha verses. From helping the unemployed folks get a steady source of livelihood, to helping the unmarried girls to get married; it pays to conduct the Shri Suktha Homam. There were families who were knee deep in debt, but they could get over their debt burden after performing the Shri Suktha Homam. Similarly, there were those who wanted to overcome the karmic issues that were there in the horoscope. Here again, the affected individuals could count on the power and potential of the Shri Suktha verses.

In the case, you happen to be at the helm of a business organization; then, you should conduct the Shri Suktha Homam, on a regular basis. There are evidential instances that suggest the enhancement the financial stability. You can also prevent yourself from being in the state of a loss.