Srikalahasti Temple

About The Temple

Historical elements associated with Srikalahasti Temple

Srikalahasti Temple is primarily located in srikalahasti, which is a state located in Andhra Pradesh. Defined as the most famous temples of Lord Shiva, this holy place is located in South India. It is said to have been located in such a site, where Kannappa was all set to offer his eyes, to cover blood, as flowing from siva linga. Later, Lord Shiva stopped him from doing so and granted his with freedom, which he truly deserved. This temple was constructed by both Vijayanagara and Chola dynasty.

Religious significant associated with it:

This temple states to be mainly associated with Kethu and Rahu, also considered as two of noteworthy nine grahams in Indian astrological norms. Moreover, it has been found out that river Suvarnamukhi is known to have been flowing through the northern course, at Sri Kalahasthi, and nearly washing off the western side of this temple’s wall. Inside this temple, you will get to come across Sivalinga, known for representing the present element of vayu. The Srikalahasti tample is located in between two major hills, named as Mummidi-cholapuram and Sripuram. This ancient temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is placed within the reach of Panchabhootha stalams. It is mainly known for celebrating five prim nary elements of the world.

Overview of the deity:

Srikalahasti is considered asthe best place, where people are likely to get in touch with the best Lord Shiva linga. This is considered can be a holy place, with Lord Shiva, considering taking the upper hand. There are various promising solutions available and you need to get in touch with the reliable values, associated with Lord Shiva. This temple mainly states to be the main preceding murti or idol, of this place.

Describing the idol of deity:

When it comes to srikalahasti temple, it is known that Lord Shiva took the role of Vayu lingam, also known as God of Vayu. There is a light present inside Garbhagraha of flickers, even though; there is no sign of wind, which enters the shrine. This can be defined as the perfect kill of Yadav architecture, which solely indicates the proper presence of wind shafts, nearing the idol. It makes the fire of said lamp flickers. The linga is primarily white and stated as Swayambhu.

Other promising shrines situated:

This temple comprises of a lamp, located inside the inner sanctum area. On the other hand, Kalahasti is mainly surrounded by two sacred hills. This Durgama temple is on northern hill, and on the southern arena comprises of Kannabeswara shrine. The major linga always remained untouched, and even by priests.

Nature of worship:

There are different types of pujas, which take place, inside this temple, of South India. One major one is the rahu ketu puja, which often take place to drive off evil spirits. Hundreds of devotees are welcomed to visit this place and worship Sri Kalahasti. Visiting and performing the rituals during rahu ketu kaal is considered as the most important time to worship Lord Shiva. For the most powerful impact, it is better to perform the entire ritual during Rahu Kaalam segment. It is stated to be more effective, when compared with other forms of day timing. This puja starts in the morning, at 6:60 am and continues till 6pm.

Religious events hovering around the place:

Even though, there are loads of festivals, which you are likely to come across here, but among all, Mahasivaratri is determined as the most important task, among the lot. There are lakhs of people, who are likely to come here to offer prayers and seek blessings from Lord Shiva, with the main intention to win Mukti or freedom.

Moreover, this place is also known for dealing with Nithya kalyonotsavam, as another important mode of showing respect to Lord Shiva, and kala sarpa dosha. This is conducted to Sri Seva, on a daily basis, in donor’s name and with abhisheka aradhana payment. This payment method is going to be within 550 bucks. Some devotees make it a point to provide permanent endowment of 5500 rupees and can enjoy the liberty to perform the Seva festival, at any point of time. They are going to receive Seshavastram, swamivari prasadam, Special Asirvachanam and a laminated photo, at the end of puja session.

Perfect pilgrimage destination:

This temple of Lord Shiva comprises of a strong historical bonding, making it a perfect pilgrimage destination for many. People from different corners of the world are invited to take active part in this segment, and offer complete dedication for their work, and take Lord Shiva’s blessings, in return.

How To Reach

Defined as one of the most promising temple of Lord shiva, people can always opt for online Prasad and service, whenever they want. But, visiting the arena physically and paying tribute to Lord Shiva has its own way of procuring blessings from The Almighty. Make sure to get in touch with the right mode of communication, while planning to reach your destination.

  • By air: The nearest domestic airport of this place is the Tirupati Airport, which is mainly a half an hour drive from Srikalahasti. This is well connected to other parts of the city as well, like Bhopal, Chennai, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad and more.
  • By rail: If you think that airport is not our destination, then wait no further and get in touch with railway connectivity, as well. This place comprises of its own Srikalahasti Railway Station, which is again connected with other important cities of Andhra Pradesh.
  • By road: After airport or railway service, you will be amazed to avail such fascinating road service of this place, as well. This place is well connected with the help of Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation, along with some other private traveling services, too. The services are considered to be hassle free and with fast servicing arena.


Nearby Attractions

Apart from srikalahasti temple, you will come across some other important places, which you would like to visit, while you are traveling to this place. Considered to be one of the five panchaboota Sthallas, and it solely represents the five elements of nature, hovering around your life. Kalahasti mainly reminds you of wind power, which is the main base of this temple. Other than this forum, you can look for other interesting spots, which you cannot afford to miss, while on your trip to srikalahasti.

  • Pathala Vinayaka: This is another major temple, and mainly your second tourist attraction spot, after srikalahasti temple. It is entirely dedicated to Lord Ganapathi, and said to be notifying below the Earth.
  • Bhakta Kannappa Temple: Another perfect place to showcase some of your devotion is this temple. This is also considered to be a small hillock temple, which is located just near to kalahasthishwarar temple. You have to climb the hill to get in touch with the mesmerizing beauty, which this temple holds for you.
  • Bharadwaja Tirtham: This place is mostly considered to be an amalgamation of temples, and this Bharadwaja Tirtham is stated to be another glowing example of it. You will come across the perfect view and serenity of peaceful livelihood, after entering the compound of this temple.
  • Sahasra Linga Temple: Noted as one of the promising Shiva temple of the lot, Sahasra Linga Temple is basically known for its outstanding architecture and some reliable Lord Shiva idols, which are hard to miss. When you are on a trip to this place, this temple will be in your must -watch list.
  • Prasanna Varadaraja Swamy Temple: Another point to be noted in your tourist attraction spot, Prasanna Varadaraja Swamy Temple is one of the oldest temples, residing in this place. It talks about the beautiful craftsmanship of old era, and with long lasting durability.

History Of Temple

Some religious facts and myths

When you are talking about srikalahasti temple timings, you need to be aware of what legend had in store for this temple. It is considered as one of the most diversified and impressive temple of Lord Shiva, which you have possibly come across. This religious platform is basically known for its ancient and massive gopuram, which is another name of entrance tower, located over main gate. This tower is known to be of 36.5 m in high, and the entire temple is known to be carved out of a huge stone hill.

The Vijayanagara kings along with help from Chola kings are the main power for constructing this temple and with perfect development plan. Just like any other temples, around the world, this one was also constructed during the latest centuries. Again, later during 10th century, Chola kings are known for renovating the temple and construction the main structure, which you will currently come across.

The major attractive point is the 120 feet high gopuram and with 100 pillar mandapam, which was constructed by none other than Krishnadevaraya, in 1516. There are different legends, which you might come across, while dealing with this temple. Prominent among those myths is the one, when Parvati was cursed by her husband, Lord Shiva. Here, she was known to have discarded her heavenly body, and get into human form.