Blessings of Lord Subramanya Bestow Wisdom to Devotees

Lord Subramanya is the eldest son of the Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The legend says that when Lord Shiva was in deep meditation after Sati immolated, the Tarakasura emboldened by the Brahmas blessing that only the son of Lord Shiva could defeat him unleashed a reign of terror. Then the Brahms advised Kamadeva to break the meditation of Lord Shiva. Meanwhile, the goddess Parvati who is Sati in her previous birth is eager to get her husband back. Kamadeva declined to take the risk but, the assembly of gods assured Kamdeva that there is nothing to fear, and they will shield Kamdeva. After much cajoling, Kamdeva agreed and struck Lord Shiva with his Panchashar that induces love. It shook Lord Shiva out of a deep meditation, and his enraged third eye burned Kamadeva to ashes. But, Shiva then looked up and found goddess Parvati. Lord Shiva agreed to marry Parvati.

But, Rati wife of Kamdeva cursed Parvati that she could never bear any child. However, at Parvati’s request Shiva brought Kamadeva to live. Then Lord Shiva took Parvati into a cave and asked her to meditate. Their joint meditation gives birth to a ball of radiance and Shiva asked Agni to hold it. The radiance was too hot for Agni to hold and he handed it over to the Ganges. The Ganges unable to bear the heat dumped it in a lake full of reeds. Parvati then takes the shape of a water body as she can only hold the energy of Shiva. Six babies emerged from the radiance and six nymphs fed them. When Parvati took the six babies and held them together a single baby with six heads and twelve hands emerged and Lord Subramanya is born.


Beliefs for worship

Lord Subramanya is worshipped for eternal youth and his knowledge. Even Lord Shiva was his disciple. He explained the meaning of OM to Lord Shiva. He is the one who conquered the five vices those who worship the Lord believes that Lord will free them from the vices and bestow them with eternal youth. In Kerala, Lord Subramanya is also worshipped by the fishermen and believes that Lord Subramanya will shower them with prosperity.


How to worship Lord Subramanya

Devotion is only upchar to worship Subramanya. The other things are like regular puja offerings. You need camphor, sandal paste, incense stick, and clean water. At the beginning, you light the lamp, incense stick and meditate. Free your mind from all other thoughts and remember, theLord demands complete devotion and nothing else; chant the mantra and sprinkle holy water, and offer the deity sandal paste, chant the mantra and then offer kumkum. Now you can perform Archana. Do it like your daily puja and once again the devotion is important. Offer flowers and fruits to the deity and keep the camphor burning. Tuesday is day of Mangal or Mars, the war god and is considered auspicious to worship Subramanya

Festivals based on Subramanya

The Thaipooyaam festival is held to celebrate the birthday of Lord Subramanya. Kanda Sasthi celebration is held in November, to celebrate the victory of Subramanya against the demon Surapadma. The birthday of Lord Subramanya is celebrated on the new moon of Tamil month Karthigai.

Benefits of Worshipping Subramanya

Lord Subramanya is worshipped for his courage and knowledge. So, people worship Lord Subramanya and believe that the Lord will bestow his wisdom and knowledge to the devotee and protect him from all evils.

Regions where the Subramanya is worshipped

The worship of Lord Subramanya is popular in the whole of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Kerala, Sri Lanka and other places. Lord Subramanya has other names also, and worship of Lord Subramanya is popular throughout India and abroad.