Sun Temple

About The Temple

Get to know more about Sun temple:

Also defined as Arasavalli, this temple is considered to be an ancient sun temple. This is dedicated to Hindu Solar deity Surya and located near Srikakulam town. The original name of this podium is Harshavalli, which is also stated as abode of joy. As per Sthalapuranam, this temple was found by Lord Devendra, where he installed the present idol of Lord Surya.

Religious importance of this temple:

This holy temple of Suryanarayana Swamy is considered to be the only Sun temple in the entire Coromandel Coast. This arasavalli suryanarayana swamy temple is considered to be a perfect place for those devotees, who are suffering from skin and eye diseases. They are going to visit this place now and offer prayers to Sun God. This sun god is considered to be an essential part of good health. Before performing the religious festivity, a dip in holy Pushkarini is must for all devotees. For any kind of Surya festival, this temple is considered to be the most proficient one, among the lot.

Know more about presiding deity:

This temple is mainly devoted to one and only deity, and that is Sun God. Also termed as Suryanarayana Swamy, this place provides value for those people, who are suffering from bad health and want to pay tribute to Lord Sun. This temple is also stated as Panchayatana temple with the main shrine of Aditya, in the middle. No matter whatever problem you have with your eyes and skin, now you know the right name to rely upon.

Some details for you to know:

Whenever the main concern is with surya bhagavan temple, you are mainly talking about the presiding deity of Lord Surya, also known as Aditya, in the center. There are some other idols of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu and Parvati, situated around the four corners of quadrangle. On the other hand, an image of Lord Indra also resides within the same temple, and enshrined within the main area. A perfect place for religious value, it is a must to visit this place, once in your lifetime.

Additional values of this temple:

Apart from the major idols of deities, this temple is built in such a manner so that Sun rays fall on the Feet of Lord Surya twice in a year. As there are five idols available here for five different Lords, this temple is mainly worshipped by various devotees, around the world.

Nature of worship for you:

People from various corners of the world come here to offer tonsuring. For this method, pushkarini is dedicated for you. There are various forms of pujas, which you need to perform in this area. Kesha Mundanam is one such platform, which you can perform in this value. 10 rupees are fixed for each person, who will start working in this field. There are some Tirumala Tirupati Devasthams or rest rooms available, where the devotees can take rest. Moreover, there are some other areas available, which are dedicated for yoga and medication. After purchasing any ticket, devotees can avail prasadam, at the end of the ritual. There are mainly two counters available. One is available for purchasing tickets for paying tribute and another one is used for obtaining prasadam.

Special festivals for you:

There are some special festivities, which you are likely to come across, while planning to visit this Sun temple. Each festival has its own dedicated timing, and it needs to be performed within that segment, only. Ratha Saptami is considered to be the most promising festival, which is celebrated in this temple. As per the legend holds, people who are suffering from eye and skin diseases, can get instant relief, after paying a tribute to the Lord. During this auspicious time, people are allowed to have Niha Rupa Darshan, and it will take place from 5am to 2pm. This is considered to be a symbolic change to the season and starting point of harvesting time.

There are some other festivals, which are likely to be performed in this segment. Name of some of the festivals, which you are likely to come across, are maha shivaratri, Kalyanotsavams, maha vaisakhi, dolostavams, rakhi pournami and more.

Some pilgrimage values for you:

As this temple comprises of five different deities, this temple is considered to be a perfect place for all the reliable devotees, from various corners of the world. Apart from reliving your skin and eye care problems, you can visit this place for its beauty, and for an amazing experience.

How To Reach

If you want to pay tribute to lord suryanarayana, this Sun temple is considered to be the most promising place for you to visit. However, you are always asked to get acquainted with the ways, which will help you to reach the destination, without making a fuss.

  • Through railway service: Srikakulam is considered to be the biggest railway station, which is located in Srikakulam district, and it deals with the Chennai to Kolkata line. There are some trains available, which will run to some major cities of India and other places, too. Some trains are Howrah mail, Konark express, Visakha express, Coramandel express and more.
  • Through airway service: In case, you are willing to visit this place by air, you are always asked to get in touch with the Visakhapatnam airport, as the major airport for you to look for, in Srikaulam district. There is Air Deccan and Kingfisher operated flights available from this airport to some other major cities of India. This airport is nearly 100kms from Srikakulam.
  • Through roadway services: Arasavalli is only 3km from Srikakulam and 733km from Hyderabad. This can be defined as an important pilgrimage center and also a perfect place for large crowds to visit. You can always get the best taxi and buses services from this platform, too.


Nearby Attractions

Now, once you have planned to visit Srikakulam, there are different other tourism attraction spots, which you are likely to come across with suryanarayana temple in Hyderabad, for your needs and demands. Even though, this temple is considered to be the major tourist attraction spot for your use, you are always asked to check out the other hot spot areas, which can be well visited, while your stay in this place. These are some of the reliable points, which you are likely to come across, while your trip in this place.

  • Sri Kurmam: Even though defined as a small village, this place is mainly known for its temple, all set and dedicated to Sri Kurmanatha. This is also stated as second avatar of none other than lord Vishnu.
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Temple: Located at Mondeti Street, this temple is considered to be a perfect place for those visitors, who are planning to pay tribute to Sai baba. This is a great example of how Sikh community flourished in this area.
  • Sri Mukhalingam: This is considered to be another temple in Srikakulam and is said to be built during 9th century. This holy place is located on the left hand side of Vamsadhara bank. It is mainly a group of three temples, which are built by none other than kings of Eastern Ganga Dynasty in 10th century AD. This place comprises of deities of Bhimeswara, Mukhalingeswara and Someswara.

Apart from the points mentioned above, Kalingapatnam is another place for you to visit. There are loads of Buddhist stupas available in this arena and with huge monastic complex, as located on hillock. On the other hand, you can also take a look at the famous shrine of Sufi Saint as in Kalingapatnam. There is also an old and well-crafted lighthouse, which adorns this place well.

History Of Temple

A little historical element for you:

Sri Bharamaramba Mallikarjuna Temple is probably one of the oldest Hindu temples in India. As per epigraphical evidence, this temple dates back to the times of Sathavhanas, the first empire in the southern part of the country. According to Pulumavis Nasik, this temple is traced to the first century. The shrine has received the patronage of different dynasties that have ruled the region and it is evident through different aspects. The architecture of this temple resembles that of the Chalukya dynasty.

Legends about deities

Whenever you are dealing with the famous suryanarayana swamy temple, you are mainly dealing with one of the oldest temples in India. Dedicated completely to Lord Surya, this temple also comprises of deities of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Vishu, parvati and even Lord Indra has its own shrine, within this arena. As per the legend, Lord Indra is known for forcing his entry into Koteeshwara temple and was thrown away by Nandi, the gate keeper. Resentful of this arrogance, Indra finally enshrined Surya in this temple, at Arasavalli and start paying his tribute.

When it comes to the historical element, it has been found out that this temple was built by Kalinga kings of eastern areas. They are known for ruling over this kalinga region from the 4th areas and through the available 14th century CE. As per the inscriptions, there are several grants, which were made by Bhanu Sarma and Aditya Vishnu Sarma, as related to Kalinga Clan. This present architecture of this temple is a perfect renovated idea of 18th century.

This temple is mainly stated to be panchayatana temple, and with Aditya in the center area. There are four separate corners, dedicated for Lord Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha and Vishnu. In case, you are suffering from skin ailments, barrenness and blindness, this temple is considered to be a reliable option for your use. There are so many other religious notifications, which can be availed with this temple. You are asked to look for the right options, after coming in terms with this segment.