Swayamvara Parvathy Homam Helps In Facilitating Harmonious Conjugal Life
About homam

Homam or Yajna is an ancient Vedic ritual associated with the Holy Fire. For appeasing celestial bodies along with major Gods and Goddesses, performing homam or homa is necessary. It is considered a significantly effective and powerful remedy. It involves invocation of Lord Agni along with offerings to deities and reciting of Vedic mantras. With chanting of every mantra, priests add ghee to the havan kund. This enables the sacred sacrificial fire to burn brighter. Various and diverse elements are added in the homa kunda that bears positive results. Rituals associated with Swayamvara Parvathy Homam will bring forth positive results in regards to marriage. It helps in removing obstacles and issues that delay marriage.

Information in Puranic texts

Goddess Parvathy is known as the Universal Mother and Lord Shiva is the destroyer and preceptor of evils. Worshipping this God and Goddess helps in diminishing problems and various hindrances in life. Parvathy and Shiva are considered as the epitome of an ideal couple. Puranic stories state that the union of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathy was fraught with opposition. By participating in the Swayamvara Parvathy homam, a girl will eventually get married to her ishta deva. Chanting the mantras will help in facilitating happiness and harmony in married life.

Parvathy is the consort of Lord Shiva and is known by various names like Aparna, Uma, Sharvani, Girija, Haimavathi and Parvathi. Puranic accounts further elaborate that she is the daughter of Prasuthi and Daksha. She performed many austerities which pleased Lord Shiva who ultimately accepted Parvathy as his consort. Those desirous of attaining a happy conjugal life can conduct the Swayamvara Parvathy homam.

Parvathy is the embodiment of fertility, virtue, asceticism, power and marital felicity. She is also known as Shakti. For appeasing Goddess Parvathy, it is integral to conduct the homa with utmost sincerity and attentiveness. It is said that Lord Shiva himself gave the sacred Swayamavara mantra to Devi Parvathy.

Necessary ingredients for yajna

An important aspect is that you must have requisite items required for performing this homam. The list must include –

  1. Broken areca nuts, betel leaves and nuts
  2. Plantain leaves, coconut, Kusha grass, raw rice, camphor, tulsi leaves, mango leaves
  3. Sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, kumkum, red sandalwood
  4. Agarbatti, camphor, lamp wick, firewood, sesame oil
  5. Panch karpuram, cardamoms, saffron, cloves
  6. Dry fruits, flowers, fruits
  7. New Kalash and cloth piece for Kalash
Essential procedures for the havan

Homam or havan takes place after priests conduct theSwayamvar Parvathy puja.

  1. Priests will ask you to take a Sankalpa or spiritual oath in front of the havan kund.
  2. After the sankalpa, it is necessary to chant the Swayamvara Parvathy Moola Mantra Jaap for one thousand and eight times.
  3. Reciting the mantra jaap during homam will alleviate problems related with marriage and will solve issues with infertility.
  4. After performing the Dhyaana or meditation, offerings are made to the sacrificial fire. The offerings include Dhoopa, Pushpam or flowers, Phalam or fruits and Thamboolam which means betel leaves and betel nuts.
  5. The above procedure is followed by Purnahuti, which indicates completion of the fire ritual or homa. After this, Aarti is performed along with offering of Namaskarams.
Important attributes of the homa

An ideal time for performing Swayamvara Parvathy homa is on Fridays that correspond with Panchami Tithis. Janma Nakshatra or birth star day are also ideal for conducting this yajna. The prime purpose of participating in this fire ritual is to invoke the blessings of Goddess Parvathy. It is also done to appease Devi Parvathy so that she can bless individuals with the perfect bride or groom. This yajna has the potential of stifling negative impacts of unfavorable positioning of celestial bodies in your horoscope. It will help in reinforcing the weaker planets for your benefit. It is imperative to recite the mantra that is dedicated to Devi Parvathy during the havan. You must chant the incantation for one hundred and eight times in the span of eighteen to forty-eight days, depending on your situation’s seriousness.

Significance of the homa

Swayamvara Parvathy homam is one of the most compelling fire rituals. It helps in augmenting positive vibration that benefits broken relationships. Unknown obstacles and delays in marriage will be efficiently resolved with this homa. Other positive attributes of the yajna are that it will help in preventing divorce and break-up of relationships. You can have a happy married life by participating in the homam. The yajna solves problems related to inability of conceiving a child after marriage. For maintaining a harmonious relationship between husband and wife, the Swayamvara Parvathy homa is highly recommended.