Shri Tulsi Aarti

About Shri Tulsi Aarti

Shri Tulsi Aarti Helps In Keeping Evil Spirits At Bay

Srimati Tulsi Devi is considered to be the most exalted devotees during the time of Sri Krishna.Tulasi Devi is the partial expansion of Vrinda Devi, known as the intimate associate of Srimati Radharani. This idol is considered to be non-different from RadhaRani and gets the same privilege from devotees.

Time for the aarti

Every Hindu household has a Tulsi plant in their yard, as a symbol of peace and wading off evil spirit. The final Shri Tulsi Aarti takes place during evening time, after the lights of first morning sets.

Why to opt for this aarti

The main aim of Shri Tulsi Aarti is to wade off any evil notices on a complete family as a whole. It is the best way to make path for peace and serenity to enter your place.

Benefits of worshipping Tulsi maa

Worshipping Tulsi Devi through Shri Tulsi Aarti is the best way to enhance the value of spiritualism. The main aim is to keep evil forces at bay.

Shri Tulsi Aarti

Thulasi maharani , namo nama,.
Hari ki patrani namo nama,
Dhan Thulasi poorna thap keeno,
Shaligram bani patrani,
Jake pathra manjar komal,
Sri pathi kamala charan laptani.
Dhoop dheep naivedhy , aarthi,
Pushpan ki varsha barsani.
Chappan bhog chatheso vyanjan,
Bin Thulasi hari yek na mani.
Sabhi sakhi maiya thero yas ghave ,
Bhakthi dhaan dheejai maharani,
Namo nama thulsi Maharani,
Namo nama thulsi maharani.