Vidhya Prapti Yantra

About The yantra

Enriching Your Educational Needs With Vidhya Prapti Yantra

Basically used for better concentration, memory power and intelligence, Vidhya Prapti Yantra is a vital yantra used by many. It is the best way to achieve good education and without any form of interruption. As education forms an important part of one’s life, therefore; this yantra is considered to be the best option available. This occult yantra is best for sharpening the intellect and improve the present grasping power. It even helps in increasing the concentration flow and memory power of an individual. This yantra forms an important point mainly for dull witted people or those, who have been suffering breaks in their educational paths.

Importance of Vidhya Prapti Yantra

There are so many important points, which are associated with Vidhya Prapti Yantra. Listed below, are some of the important options, which falls under the important aspects of this educational yantra.

  • This is the finest product used for better concentration values and increase the memory power of some dull students.
  • This is the finest yantra for enriching the intelligence level of every individual. This yantra works on all ages and there is no particular age limit to it.


Ways to worship

There are some important steps, which are likely to be followed, while taking help of Vidhya Prapti Yantra for matching you educational needs. The methods of worshipping is quite simple and listed below:


  • You need to be rest assured that your body and hands are clean and with positive mind frame
  • The yantra needs to be placed in the eastward direction
  • You have to lit a candle or ghee lamp in front of the yantra
  • Even though, this step is optional but if you want, you can place some fresh flowers in front of the yantra
  • You need to chant beej mantra 21 times. It is important to pronounce the yantra well
  • As a concluding point, you have to devote your dedication towards the yantra and ask for its blessings for fulfilling your needs


Geometrical Importance

The entire Vidhya Prapti Yantra is segmented under nine small boxes, which signifies the power of Goddess Saraswati. The yantras are either gold plated or comes handy in copper variation. The entire beej mantra is noted right at the bottom of the yantra. Shape and size of the yantra is likely to vary, but the power remains constant, without any such excessive changes. Numerics are used to fill up the said nine boxes.

When and who to use

It is better to establish this yantra on Thursday, which is also defined as the holy day of Goddess Saraswati. The main puja also takes place on this day and the yantra needs to be placed towards the eastward direction, as mentioned above. This yantra is meant for all, and there is no such age limitation. You need to concentrate well on the yantra and beej mantra, which needs to be chanted for 21 times. At the end, your unfilled desires will get fulfilled.


Benefits Of yantra

There are so many important beneficial aspects, which make Vidhya Prapti Yantra an ideal choice for dull students. You will receive promising results from the first time you start using this item. Just focus towards the steps followed, and the benefits will definitely work in your favor.

  • This yantra is best known for its power in competitive exams. It helps in increasing the success rate in such competitive tests.
  • This Vidhya Prapti Yantra is mainly used for pacifying planet Jupiter and increase the concentrate power of the individuals.
  • This yantra clearly ensures higher success rates in studies, followed by higher achievements in compt6itive zones. With regular worship, the power will intensity with every passing day.