Celebrate Vishwakarma Puja Pay Homage To The Great Designer

The Vishwakarma came out of the great churning of the ocean and known as Samudramanthan in the Hindu religious text. He is the engineer, architect, artist and designer. It is he who is the designer and maker of the weapons for the gods and packed it with the magical power. It is him who designed the Vajra for the Indra from the sage Dadhichi’s bone. Indra used it to kill Britrasura. He is the sole architect of the heavenly abode of Trilok the Swarga, Marty and the Patal for the beings of the universe including the gods.

The legend says that the Lord has crafted the city of Dwaraka overnight, the capital where Krishna reigned in the Dwapar era. In the Satyayug Lord Vishwakarma designed and crafted the Swarna Lanka or the golden Lanka for Lord Shiva and ultimately gone to the mighty Ravana the Rakshasa king. It was Vishwakarma who designed and made the Palace in the city of Indraprastha for the Pandava king Judhistir. So, in a way the Lord Vishwakarma is the concept of a designer and architect and a master technician in the Hindu Mythology. He is mentioned in the Rig Veda and other old scriptures. He has four hands and holds the Vedas, a noose, a water pot and craftsman’s tool in his hands. His mount is elephant and consort is Gayatri Devi.


Beliefs of worship

Vishwakarma is worshipped all over the world for his technical prowess and the profound knowledge and creativity. In the world where technical skill and innovation is the lifeblood, it is a little surprise the Lord of the creativity will be worshipped. He is worshipped in factories and other sites where people are engaged with machines. He is worshipped because it is believed that he will keep the machines functional and protect the workers from the accident.


How to worship Lord Vishwakarma

The procedure of worshipping Vishwakarma is simple it demands that the factory premises where the deity will be placed must be properly cleaned. The machines if any is cleaned properly and functional. The devotees will keep their mind free from all other things and the priest performs the puja in proper fashion. In the evening, the Aarti is done in the proper way and all the Upachar is kept in the proper way. The idol and all the flowers and puja Upachar must be immersed in a clean water body next day.

Festivals based on Vishwakarma

The main festival is held on Bhadra Sankranti; that is on the last day of the month of Bhadra, which normally falls on 17th of September.

Benefits of Worshipping Vishwakarma

The Vishwakarma puja is the occasion when machines should be cleaned. It is in a way to force maintenance. On the Vishwakarma Puja day, the Prasad or the Bhog is distributed among the employees. It is a great equaliser among the rank and file of the employees.

Regions where the Vishwakarma is worshipped

The Puja is celebrated in the States of West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, UP, Punjab and also in other southern states with great festivity.