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Relationship quickie Tarot spread by Chandni Anand

Chandni Aanand is a pioneer in Occult Sciences, a Diviner and Healer, whose main purpose is to help all mankind. All these sciences helped her to survive a tough period in 2004, and that is when she decided she will use the same techniques to aid others.

Taking in George Bernard Shaw’s saying, “Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”, Chandni also discovered her life’s real purpose after playing different roles in life, from a homemaker to a jewellery designer, and now to a Diviner and Healer.

She choose this path to heal and provide correct guidance to those in need. She is here to bring love, light and success to people. Chandni has also been guiding celebrities, politicians and young generation. She is highly intuitive and specializes in Tarot Reading, Angel Healing and Numerology.

Chandni has been associated with embassies and corporate as a counselor. And, because of her frank opinion and deep understanding of prevailing situations,  kids and teenagers feel free to interact with her.  She is an internationally awarded and renowned tarot reader.

Her motive is to spread truthful and accurate knowledge of astro-sciences globally and to young generation.