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All Myths and Facts About Sri Ganesh

Author : Sri Raja Bhowmik

About Author :

Sri Raj Bhowmik is a powerful orator & a philosopher with an unfathomable insight. It is written by Raja Bhowmik a person of varied interests ranging from history and mythology to Astrology and the marvels of present day technology. He works as a management professional and is associated with astrological societies as a hobby. Through the book it is clear that Mr. Raja is a very knowledgeable person, full of interesting facts and stories assuring me that he can maintain a very interesting conversation.

About Book :

The book itself is relatively short at 75 pages but does not lack anything in form of information. Inside the reader will have the pleasure to read about the aforementioned deities, myths about their person. For example, how they came to existence and accounts of their feats and accomplishments. A particularly interesting story is "Shiva's Laughter" in page 12. These accounts, even though written in simple language manage to engage the reader and create images. Although I often found myself wishing that they were written in a more poetic, novel style in order to get the feel of an actual story being told, rather than a mere account, this didn't prevent me from getting the message conveyed by the author.