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Astrology for love & marriage 5-year analysis report by Pinaki Mishra

Pinaki Mishra – A name synonymous with deep expertise in Astrology, numerology, spiritual healing etc. Pinaki Mishra has cemented his name further as his predictions have so far been exact and precise, and have been featured by various News agencies. He has prophesised about different celebrities, politicians and even different events about different geographical changes.

Belonging to a family of renowned astrologers, he was blessed to have sought knowledge in the field of astrology from the very beginning. In fact, at a tender age of 19 he took up astrology professionally. His grandfather, Lt. Bhavbhuti Mishra was a world famous astrologer, a refined poet and a great writer of his era.

His contributions in the field of Astrology & Literature are really very remarkable as he had written numerous Books in these Fields.

After pursuing a degree in Computer Science Engineering, from Ranchi University, Pinaki Mishra went onto develop different softwares which are being used by District Administration, Police Department, Municipal Corporation & Election Commission of India. Because of his contribution towards Department & in the interest of people, he has been appreciated by the senior IAS & IPS Officers publicly for his technical proficiency.

But his destiny took him to pursue astrology as his main focus. Due to his scientific background, he spent good amount of time in detailed study & research of Astronomy, Numerology, and Gemmology & Tantras.

In the last 16 years, he has healed thousands of people suffering from ill effects of different Planets, Stars and other different Paranormal Forces. During these years, he guided people through different means of communication like Online, Video Calling, Telephonically and the most effective – with his own divine Presence after going through their Blue Maps and feeling their Aura’s. His expertise in curing different Acute and Complex Physical & Mental Disorders has led to the presence of numerous Clients residing in different Countries like U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Saudi Arab, Canada, …etc. Now days he is a regular writer for Navbharat Times, Hindustan, etc.

If you are going through your rough Time phase, or are not happy with the life going on and want to change it or are facing any negative paranormal activities around you or you see a spirit or any other evil spell which affects you adversely then you don’t need to get disappointed, just contact him to solve your issues immediately.