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Autobiography of a Yogi

Author : Paramhansa Yogananda

About Author :

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893 - 1952) was born Mukunda Lal Ghosh in Gorakhpur, India to a Bengali family, Yogananda introduced meditation and yoga to the West. Paramhansa is well known for his spiritual teachings, including meditation and Kriya Yoga,

Paramahansa Yogananda was a renowned yoga teacher, guru and author of the beloved spiritual text, Millions of people learnt and learning meditation and Kriya Yoga through his master piece Autobiography of a Yogi.

In 1996, Yoga International hailed Paramahansa Yogananda as "The father of the Yoga in the west".

About Book :

Autobiography of a Yogi is the most popular of Yogananda's books, is an introduction to the ancient science of Yoga and meditation,was selected one of the 100 best spiritual books of the 20th century. Book has been translated into thirty-three languages and is mostly used as a text and reference work in colleges and universities.

Book introduced many westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga, This complete and unabridged edition included the chapter "the Years 1940-1951" written by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda during the last years of his life. Thousands of readers have declared Autobiography of a Yogi the most fascinating reading of a lifetime.