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Ayodhya Reviseted

Author : Kishore Kunal

About Author : 

Kishore Kunal is a retired IPS Officer and Sanskrit scholar from the state of Bihar, India. He was the chairman of the Bihar State Board of Religious Trusts. Kunal is also secretary of the Mahaveer Temple Trust, Patna and previously of Mahavir Arogya Sansthan, in which capacity he was involved with the promotion of healthcare for the poor.He is also the founder of a prestigious school called Gyan Niketan in Patna.In 2008 he received the Bhagwaan Mahaveer Award for his contribution to community and social services

About Book :

This book is about work of exceptional analysis is a study on Ayodhya with utmost originality and perfect accuracy. Based on original sources and technical analysis it suggest a new argument, which destory many popular recognition, It clears the unflinching warrior Babur from the charge of destory a temple on the birth-site of Rama and constructing the Masjid which has been a source of contention and disagreement for long. It further shows how engraving in the Masjid were factitious and Mir Baqi of inscriptions is a fictitious person different from Baqi Tashkindi/Shegawal of the Baburnama. The book produces incontrovertible evidence which indubitably proves that there existed a Rama temple.