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Brahma Gyan - The science behind Shiva

Author : Ravikumar Kakde

About Book :

India is a pool of mysteries. The biggest mystery in India is about the Hindu religion and their gods. Thousands of years have been passed but mysteries still remain about the concepts and symbolism associated with Hinduism. The most mysterious god of Hinduism is Shiva. Everybody in India knows his peculiar appearance and ancient stories of Shiva and Hinduism but no one knows why these stories are like how they are? No one knows why? Know the answers to the questions nobody has ever answered.

How Shivlinga represents Shiva? Why Shiva has third eye? Why Shiva is holding Ganga in his hair? Is it real? Why we can not find Shiva at mount Kailash? Why Shiva wears Snake around his neck? What is the dance Tandava of Shiva is? Why Nandi is a vehicle of Shiva and associated with Shiva? Why Shiva is called eternal Yogi? and much more.. The answers to all the questions is a revelation of the knowledge given in this book. The knowledge in this book will transform Hinduism not only for the people of India but also for the rest of the world. This profound book will change worlds perspective towards Hinduism forever..