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Business Analysis report by Ravi Khorana

About the Expert :

With an illustrious career spanning over 35 years in astrology sciences and its branches, Ravi Khorana is a name to reckon with. He is an expert in Scientific Astrology and Analysis, providing accurate predictions and suggesting remedies.
His main basis of analysis is the positioning of Natal Planets, Houses, Degrees, D Charts, Dasha, planets in transit etc. Details are calculated and analyzed giving due importance to Hora, ashtakvarga, various Yogas-both malefic and benefic as well as aspect of various planets on each other. The present situation of the native is confirmed by the current position vis a vis his personality, health, family matters, occupation, job and business, progeny and married life, finances, loans and debts etc.
Further, it is seen if the person has a particular important Yoga in his Horoscope like any Raja Yoga, Kal Sarpa Yoga, Gaj Kesri Yoga, Kemadru Yoga etc. Since Yogas play an important place in one's life, these are given due importance in the predictions. Based upon the past and current situation, the future can be predicted with great accuracy.
Recommendations are made on the basis of the above with particular regards to the problem that the native may be facing. Remedies are then suggested to ward off the evil and malefic effects of planets and Yogas so that the future can become bright and be full of good Health, Wealth and all around Happiness.