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Business Name Suggestion and Correction Report by Rajnee R Garg

About the Expert :

Rajnee Garg is a certified Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist and a Spiritual Healer. She is also a Hypnotherapist, Access Conciousness Healer and a Past Life Therapist. She operates under the company name of Heal The World. She uses her in-depth knowledge of these various astro-sciences to help people seek the right path in their lives, to overcome obstacles and to connect with their inner self.
Additionally, she specializes in Past Life Regression, Pyramid-Vaastu, Crystal Healing, Pranic Healing, Metaphor Therapy, Radical Healing, Angel Healing, NLP & Mind power Techniques and more.

With her tremendous interest in Occult Science, she has implemented Tarot Cards and Universal energy as a medium to connect with people and help them truly achieve their heart’s desire. Rajnee has been providing spiritual and Tarot Card consultations for a time now and have guided many people with problems in their lives. She uses her abilities to invoke and communicate with the Healing Angels, Higher Masters and the Divine powers to heal her Clients. Healings are done for people facing Black Magic problems, Relationship Issues, Depression, Financial Issues, Career Setbacks, Marriage delays, Health issues, Stress, Negative behavior, Phobia’s, Supernatural experiences etc. With her ability to work hard and pure intent of serving humanity she has made a strong base of followers in Kolkata. Her client list includes many big names including models and actors of Bengal.