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Business Numerology Report by Rohit K Singhania

Every year, hundreds of new companies and brands get registered but very few of them come into the limelight. A lot of them even shut down without even starting commercial operations. Does that mean having a good name can bring the brand into limelight? Definitely not, but it does help. Let’s see how. A few examples of world’s most successful automobile brands with their name numbers are as follows: BMW = 12 = 3 Audi = 12 = 3 Ford = 21 = 3 Ferrari = 21 = 3 Vauxhall = 30 = 3 Mercedes Benz = 50 = 5 Jaguar = 14 = 5 Fiat = 14 = 5 Porsche = 33 = 6 Toyota = 24 = 6

You can see above that most of the numbers are 3, 5 or 6. All these numbers are considered good in numerology. But does that mean if you have a brand with the number 3, 5 or 6, it will do well? Definitely not. The biggest challenge is to use a name number for your brand or company, which is compatible to your date of birth and name, and also the product. For example, Number 8 or 9 is not the best option to use for a Cosmetic or entertainment brand;

however it will do wonders for a night club. But again, it should be compatible with the owner’s date of birth and name. A good name number of your brand or company compatible to your name and date of birth can definitely help your grow faster and bring the company or brand into limelight. The logo also plays a very important role. Did you know that 70% of the successful company’s logo in this world are made of colours red or blue, and why is that? Red is for the planet Mars or Number 9 and is the colour of energy. On the other hand, Blue is for planet Venus or Number 6 and is the colour of love and peace. A combination of red and blue is the best possible combination for a logo but again it should be compatible with the name of the brand or company. A few examples are Coca Cola, Pepsi, NBA, Ford, Hewlett Packard, UNICEF, Reebok, Nike, Canon, Facebook, Twitter etc.