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Career Numerology Report by Rohit K Singhania

About the Expert :

Confused about your Career path? What should you pick – sports, acting or an MBA or engineering? Seek the right answers by ace numerologist Rohit K Singhania in this report! This report is most suitable for students in college or high school and students who have completed their college and looking forward to higher studies but cannot figure out which field to choose. Numerologist Rohit K Singhania can help you understand yourself better. Just the date of birth and name can say a lot about a person.


A person born on a particular date, month and year will have certain strengths and weaknesses depending upon the sun sign, moon sign and the alphabets in the name. In this report you will get the following: - Complete analysis of your strengths and weaknesses depending on your date of birth and other parameters - Suggestion on whether the career chosen by you is the best for you or not - The best career suggestion according to us - A change in your name, if required