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Chandi Homam

Chandi is the form of primordial energy that is responsible for the Creation, Sustenance and Destruction of the entire universe. The form of Chandi is the sum total of all energies in this universe. Worship of the Goddess Chandi is the invocation of the sum total of spiritual powers in the universe. Performing the Maha Chandi Homa frees one from all forms of evil curses, negative energy and obstacles and blesses the person with health, wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of Chandi Homam

Since Durga in her Chandi form is the mother of all the positive powers in this universe, her blessings through the Chandi homam will is bound to clear all the unwanted hurdles and obstacles that seem to hinder your path to success in life. Moreover, the performance of the Maha Chandi homam will definitely free you from all kind of black magic spell, evil eyes, and negative energies around you.