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Compatibility Analysis for Marriage by Ritu Shukla

About the Expert :

Ritu Shukla-Jyotish Acharya, based at Delhi is a practicing consultant since 15 years. Confident with Prashari and Jamini system of astrology, she also specializes in Gemstones, Remedies and Vastu. She is also known for her accurate readings in Tarot and Numerology. She feels that these sciences can offer much- if used properly. Ritu has been a prolific writer for indiatimes.

Besides this her articles and forecast columns publish for leading e- papers like Nbt. She has written several books on Astrology and is also involved in further research and writings in field of astrology. With God's grace and the blessing of her Guru, she is very intuitive, spiritually enlightened and is known for giving accurate predictions for well known people in different walks of life. She has a massive clientage all over the world. . Many well-known individuals, commercial establishments and Industrial Organizations have benefited from her expertise and experience.

She has More than 90 % of satisfied clients. Her deep understanding & innate talent lies in application of astrology to the process of creating inner and outer serenity leading to peace, prosperity & success in individual lives. She holds the firm belief that through astrology we can be protected from the odds of life. Utter devotion, Prayers and Remedies can do Miracles in our lives. Ritu is a well read lady with MA (Hons.), PGD Journalism, PGDPR and PGDHRM to her credit.