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Doshas, Curses and Remedies by Radha Ballabh Mishra

Radha Ballabh Mishra is hails from a Brahmin family. He has a great interest in Spiritualism, occult science, astrology, and other religions since childhood. Although he was a student of Commerce, he decided to complete his post graduation in Philosophy and Religion. He started learning astrology at very young age of seventeen. 
He took formal education in astrology from The Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and completed Joytish Praveena & Jyotish Visharada with 1st division in 1998-1999. He also learned Reiki, Spiritual & Holistic healing, and Naturopathy & Yoga.
He has a rich experience of more than 10 years in Predictive Astrology. During this period he has gone through thousands of horoscopes and has huge satisfied clients not only in India but abroad as well.
He has expertise and command over predictive accuracy in almost every topic which is of interest and importance for an individual such as Health, Finance, Relationship, Property, Education, Love, Marriage, Compatibility, Progeny, Career and Birth time rectification.
He pinpoints the events by the use of Parashara and Jaimini System of astrology. He has the good command on Annual (Varsh-Kundali) and Horary (Prasna), a technique used when birth chart is not available and the answer to a specific question is required.
He is continuing his endeavor for research and development in Astrology for effective new methods for giving accurate predictions to his clients and society in general. In 2005 he decided to work on new topic, you can call it Financial / Stock Market astrology. And after several years of hard work he developed few rules to predict the stock market based on Vedic astrology.