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Fortune and Finance Report by Honey Chopra


Honey Chopra is a Vedic Astrologer with a modern approach. She also practices Numerology and Palmistry, and has a unique combination reading method. She holds a bachelors degree in Economics(H) from the University of Delhi, an MBA and an Advanced Global Management Programme degree from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge (UK). She has been awarded the title of Jyotish Alankar (equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in Vedic astrology) and Jyotish Acharya (equivalent to Master’s degree in Vedic astrology).


She is also a part of the research group at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. JP Morgan famously quoted, “Millionaires don’t need astrologers, billionaires do.” In this day and age, one cannot afford to make wrong choices. Be it career, marriage, progeny, education, money or a moment of indecision, her readings will facilitate you to take right decisions at the right time. Business professionals, designers, artists, and people from all walks of life seek her guidance on a continual basis. Honey is also an avid writer and blogger. Her astrology forecasts and articles on Lifestyle, Bollywood, Sports, Politics, and Celebrities are worth reading.