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  • 100ml
  • Leak proof bottle

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Gangajal is the holy water of river Ganga or Ganges. Gangajal is considered to be very sacred as it contains a very unique combination of minerals and rare herbs. 

It is popularly believed that Gangajal has the capability to cure several ailments such as skin diseases, digestive disorders, acidity, blood pressure, diabetes and asthma.

Uses in Rituals

As per the “Agni-Purana”, an ancient text on the Hindu rituals, Gangajal cleanses a place of all evils and makes it sacred. Even the great Veda Vyasa said that Gangajal must be used while conducting all religious ceremonies in the Kaliyuga. Hence, devotees sprinkle Gangajal before conducting pujas or havans in order to sanctify the place.

Scientific tests and observations have proven that Haridwar Gangajal has remarkable self-cleaning properties due to which the water can be stored for years in closed containers.

It has also been scientifically proven that the waters of river Ganga deposit soil that contains unique medicinal characteristics.

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100 ml, Gangajal from Haridwar, No COD Available.