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Gita For Everyone

Author : Jogindranath Mukharji

About Author :

Jogindranath Mukharji was a scholar of the sacred Hindu texts. He graduated from Ripon College in Calcutta in 1895, later migrating to the United Provinces (modern-day Uttar Pradesh) at the turn of the century. He was a great educationist, the headmaster of several schools during his career. He was the principal of S.M. College, Chandausi, from 1908 until his death in 1930. In 1926, he was given the title 'Raj Saheb' in recognition for his great contribution to education.

About Book :

The Gita is a book of rare excellence which ought to be read by every Indian and will amply repay perusal. First published in 1900 as Young Men's Gita, Gita for Everyone is a re-telling of the immortal message the great god Krishna gave to Arjuna before the battle of Kurukshetra.

This translation is meant for those interested in acquainting themselves with the Gita and the Indian philosophy. The author aptly introduces the doctrines of the Gita from a Hindu point of view. It is a fitting report to unsympathetic critics and interpreters.