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Health And Happiness Spread By Ritu Kapoor

If you are interested in knowing about I-ching, Tarot Cards; Fengshui, Aura readings, Tea leaves readings & crystal ball gazing, require solution’s for general or other problems, which can be tackled in a holistic way please keep Ritu Kapoor in mind. She is certified qualification from the California Institute of Fengshui and have over 12 years of experience as a professional consultant in Fengshui other occults. For the past nine years I have practiced Tarot Cards and I-ching readings. I-ching solutions suggesting the best strategy/modus operandi for building relationships & project road maps etc. I-ching astrology and I-ching compatibility for love and romance are gaining much more popularity for matrimonial purposes.  
A consultant who deals in the best methods of Fengshui for various resort and industrial houses. The approach is not cold metal but adapted to the individual’s personality traits and family uniqueness. Another strong forte that I have developed is Crystal healing, Therapy through Aura Reading, Psychic Readings to tacked day-to-day problems and Creative Arts for Interiors in naturals ways.
Various articles on Fengshui tips and Insights given by me have been published in the Times of India (New Delhi), Times of India (Calcutta), H.T.City, Cosmopolitan, Life Positive, investor outlook and Femina as “Future Fem” and in Femina again as “femina believe” and in “The Week”. A full article was given in “What Hot” Time of India supplement. You can also catch me on as an online consultant and (“ritu kapoor news” for website programming). Various T.V.channels like ndtv profit, HUM LOG, Design & Spaces, CNBC, ZEE & ZOOM have covered me for the above-mentioned qualifications that I have.