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Hindu Sanskars : Sacraments and Rituals in Life's Journey

Author : M. L. Ahuja

About Author :

M. L. Ahuja is the author of 45 books, including the 5-volume 'Encyclopedia of the World Today'. He is the recipient of 'Janseva Sadbhavna Award', 'Bharat Gaurav Award', 'Rajiv Gandhi Rashtriya Ekta Samman', 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and a 'Gold Medal'.

About Book :

Sanskar is the process of transforming a person into an ideal and outstanding personality by eradicating or controlling the negative mental tendencies existing in one's life. This is done by inculcating human values and qualities to make the person more dynamic, discreet, duty conscious and responsible towards himself as well as family and the society. This book is an exposition of the principles enunciated in the Hindu scriptures - it provides guidelines for young girls and boys on the threshold of conjugal life. Readable by all, it needs to be read by parents for inculcating values among their children to carve an ideal approach in life.