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Author : K.M.sen

About Author :

Kshitimohan Sen (2 December 1880 – 12 March 1960) was an Indian scholar, writer and a Sanskrit professor. Kshitimohan Sen was an Indian scholar, writer and a Sanskrit professor. He was an acting Upacharyas of Visva-Bharati University. He is the maternal grandfather of Amartya Sen.

About Book :

K. M. Sen discusses the evolution of Hinduism's central systems of belief and codes of conduct, as well as popular cults and sects such as Bhakti, Tantrika and the mystics of North India, and describes the varying incarnations of its supreme deity, Krishna and Rama among them. He recounts its history from the Indus Valley civilization c.2500 BC and the Vedic age nature gods to its relationship with Buddhism and Jainism and the impact of western culture. And he describes the day-to-day practice of Hinduism - customs, festivals and rituals; the caste system; and its philosophies and exponents. In a new foreword, the author's grandson Amartya Sen brings his work right up to date, examining the role of Hinduism in the world today.